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MarketPress Multilingual

Having installed WPML and WPML-MarketPress plugin you can get MarketPress fully multilingual.

You can translate Products, Product categories and Product tags. Also you can have complete UI translated, custom URL slugs, emails, messages…

To have MarketPress turned multilingual follow these steps:

  1. Install MarketPress 2.1.2 or above
  2. Install WPML 2.3.3 or above
  3. Install WPML-Marketpress

Now, you can translate the products and categories.

The String Translation module lets you translate texts that are not part of any product:

  1. Translate MarketPress UI strings after scanning plugin with WPML, context: plugin marketpress
  2. Translate MarketPress slugs (Products->Store Settings->Presentation) (example: /store/products/ to /compra/productos/), context: plugin marketpress slugs
  3. Translate MarketPress email contents (Products->Store Settings->Messages) that are sent by MP, context: plugin marketpress emails
  4. Translate MarketPress editable messages (Products->Store Settings->Messages), context: plugin marketpress messages

By default these custom type and custom taxonomies are set as translatable:
Products, Product category and Product tag.

Also, following custom fields are set to be copied from original to translated product: SKU, price, sale price, product link, file, sales count, shipping, variations, mp_is_sale, mp_track_inventory, mp_inventory.

If you want to change those settings, edit this file:

Change custom-field’s action property to: translate or ignore.


To get this multilingual ready e-commerce solution, you’ll need to purchase both MarketPress and WPML.

When you get WPML, login to your account and click on Downloads. Look for the new WPML-MarketPress plugin and download it. This plugin is available as part of the Multilingual CMS package.


To get started easily, please see the MarketPress Multilingual Tutorial.

Need help?

MarketPress Multilingual Support

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