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Multilingual MarketPress Tutorial

MarketPress and WPML work together and allow building fully multilingual e-commerce sites with WordPress. This tutorial shows you how.

Multilingual Setup

If you haven’t already, you should setup WPML. The initial setup includes selecting your site’s languages, where to position a language switcher and how to arrange content in different languages. Refer to the getting started guide for step-by-step instructions.

Translating MarketPress’ Main Pages

Remember that WPML separates between content in different languages. After adding more languages, you should add content to them. This includes translating the MarketPress main shopping pages.

For example, in our demo site, all MarketPress shorttags are found in the Store page. We must translate it, so that these shopping pages also appear in Spanish.

Translating the main Store page

The pencil icon says that it’s translated (and we can edit). If you see a blue + icon, it means that translation is missing. The + icon will let you add translation.

This is what we have in the English Store page:

English Store page

As you can see, it includes the MarketPress shorttags and English description texts. When we translate the Store page to Spanish, it looks like this:

Spanish Shopp page

Once you have the main pages translated, your product catalog will show in different languages. Now, it’s time to start translating the products.

Translating Products and Categories

Just like we translated the WordPress pages, we also need to translate the products themselves.

The list of products shows the translation controls – pencil to edit, + to create.

Products with translation controls

Managing Products

MarketPress Multilingual automatically synchronizes between product attributes in different languages. When you edit the product data in the default language, changes will also appear in the translations.

Translating ‘General’ Texts

Most of the texts for translation appear in pages, products and categories. However, some texts are general and not related to a specific page or product.

For example, the checkout controls that appear in every page, are general texts.

To translate the general texts, use WPML’s String Translation screen. WPML will list there every string which is wrapped in a GetText call and appears in a plugin or theme. If you see texts that don’t appear for translation anywhere, check with the theme author and make sure that they are indeed wrapped with GetText calls.

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