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Views – Query and Display WordPress Content

Views-logoViews helps WordPress developers build sites faster and easier. It lets you create page templates and advanced content queries, right from within the admin dashboard, without writing PHP code.

Some thing that you can do with Views:

  • Design templates for custom post types, including any field and taxonomy
  • Display lists of content, using any formatting, on any page
  • Develop custom parametric searches
  • Create custom sliders
  • Design WooCommerce templates and product lists

Views lets you use the custom posts and taxonomies of WordPress by displaying custom items in a flexible way, without coding templates or using WordPress API functions.

Views includes powerful query engine and display engines. You choose what content to load, how to filter results from the database and how to display. It comes with pagination, sorting and specialized displays for different custom fields types. You insert fields to templates, style them with HTML and CSS and Views displays them exactly like you like.

Views work perfectly well with WPML, so that every site you build is multilingual by definition.

Views is part of Toolset, the code-less development framework for WordPress.

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