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WordPress Language

WordPress Language is a free plugin that lets you easily localize single-language WordPress sites.

Download WordPress Language

Instead of having to download .mo files and edit wp-config.php to set the WPLANG variable, this plugin does it all for you.

Choose the language from within the WordPress admin and you’re ready.

WordPress Language will look for the best available translation for your language, download and install it. It sets the correct locale and everything appears in the right language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WordPress Language translate my content?

WordPress Language downloads and installs translation for texts in WordPress itself, not for your own content.

What languages can it switch to?

The list of language is dynamic, coming from an online index. You’ll find every language to which WordPress is localized. It’s a pretty long list and still growing.

Can I use different languages for the WordPress admin and front-end?

Yes. WordPress Language lets you select two languages – one for the admin and another for the front-end pages. This way, you can manage the site in your favourite in the WordPress admin, but display content in another language on public pages.

Does WordPress Language write any files to my site?

No need. WordPress Language saves the translations in the database. Translations are loaded dynamically super-fast and without having to write any file to your installation.

Do I need WordPress Language if I’m using WPML?

You don’t. WPML includes this functionality as well. If you are using WPML, go to WPML-<Theme and plugin localization and enable automatic download for WordPress translations.

How can I run a site in multiple languages?

If you need to run a site in one language, other than English, this is your solution. For multilingual sites, look at WPML.

53 Responses to “WordPress Language”

  1. marcus says:

    Great idea, awesome feature!

  2. Juhani says:

    Seems Finnish doesn’t work… Perhaps it’s because your list uses fi_FI instead of plain fi?

  3. Kay says:

    Hi, I have purchased your WPML for enihongo.org, which is still under construction and awaiting your response for my other issue.

    Here, I am trying to install the WordPress language for another domain: enihongo.COM.
    Howerver, this time, I need to use Traditional Chinese, which I cannot find from the language list.

    Could you help to increase the Traditional Chinese Language for me?
    By the way, I am also using this WordPress Language in http://www.tchinese.org, which I use Japanese for clients.

    Best regards,

    • Amir says:

      The Chinese languages in the WordPress localization project include zh_CN and zh_TW. Simplified Chinese is zh_CN, so I think that Traditional Chinese is zh_TW:

      • Krist says:

        So this plugin doesn’t support zh_TW?
        as in, I’d have to re-install my wordpress blog using the one provided here?
        sorry, not a programmer; just have minimal knowledge in site stuff and currentlt trying to get a site going…
        Also, if the plugin does have trad. chinese option, would it also reflect in the RSS? because currently I’m having a major problem and am confused about character encoding (which is causing the rss feed to display question marks – i did try the suggestion of commenting out define(charset) and all, but to no avail)

        info: Am currently trying to make a site that frontend is completely traditional chinese (for taiwan readers), but I prefer backend to be English as I don’t know chinese; so installing the WordPress in chinese is not an option…

        • Amir says:

          WordPress Language plugin takes its languages list from the WordPress translation project. It includes both traditional and simplified Chinese. The official locale for Simplified Chinese is zh_TW, so this should be included. Are you seeing anything else?

  4. Iurie says:


    I like the WordPress Language plugin and I use it currently, but I want to remove the plugin menu from the admin bar for non-administrators. I have a function that removes unneeded links/menus from admin bar, so, I think, I need only the name of your WordPress Language menu to put it in that function. Can you help me?

  5. leo says:


    When will the Finnish language version be ready? I’m in need of a good Finnish translation tool

  6. Oz says:

    Can’t get Turkish to work. It’s available from the language list, but does nothing.

  7. Gena says:

    When it will be added to the Georgian?

    • Amir says:

      WP Language takes all the languages from the WordPress localization project. We’ll see if it’s missing mapping for Georgian.

  8. Alex says:

    Can’t seem to get Finnish language to work. Should it?

    • Alex says:

      Oops, my mistake – not even available =)

      • Amir says:

        Finnish language should be available. It’s not in the drop-down with list of major languages. You should see Finnish in the complete languages page. There’s a link to ‘other languages’ in the dropdown menu.

  9. Brivaldo Junior says:

    Problems with Portuguese Brazil… always select pt_PT…

  10. Marloes says:

    Hi, I use the Dutch translation, but it seems some translations are missing (e.g. “one thought on ..” when someone left a comment, is not translated).
    Which file contains all translated words and can I add more translations to that?

    • Amir says:

      WPML 2.7 is taking its translations from a less-ideal source in the WordPress translation project. We’re updating it in WPML 2.8, so that the translation source is the very last stable translation branch. We’ll be ready with this version in about a week. Would that help?

  11. Olaf says:


    I’ve encountered some serious problems while deploying ‘wordpress language’ fetching language information.

    I’ve installed the zip-file the usual way, but after trying to activate, a pop-up window with the notification ‘fetching language information’ stays in place and won’t go away after waiting several minutes.

    Only after deactivating the plug-in again, making adjustments to pages will be possible again.

    Have I done something wrong???

  12. Olaf says:

    Slight correction: The window with the notification ‘fetching language information…’ will appear with this little red dotted circle looping around, after selecting Dutch or any other particular language.

  13. suria says:

    Hey, I noticed something, which looks like a small bug:
    I don’t know how it is intended to be, but it seems like only an admin is allowed to change the language. nevertheless also an editor can do this, but can only choose from the languages from the dropdown menu on the top, because if he selects “more languages” it says “you don’t have the rights blabla”. same happens, when the editor actually clicks on another language, but the language has changed afterwards…
    Nothing really important, but I thought I let you know and hope it helps…

  14. Maz says:

    Hi, can you add Malay language to the WordPress Language plugin? FYI, Malay is a language use in Malaysia and Singapore. Thanks.

  15. Eddie says:


    I have purchased WPML, often use tranditional chinese and simplified chinese. Is there any convenient way to transfer those two languages in WPML, instead of translate the whole content again from zh_CN to zh_TW? Because those two language are identical with only the difference of font.

    Thank you

  16. larry says:

    I need a simple clarification…
    “is this plugin for translation or presenting content in a different language (Italian) ”

    I’ve got a current WP site built in english and need to provide the option to switch to italian…

    Content for the Italian version will be slightly different and written in ‘Italian’
    how should we proceed
    curious,.. any help most appreciated

    thank you

    • Amir says:

      Yes, WPML lets you run a site with several languages. You will be able to add Italian to your existing site and write the Italian content. That content may be translation of the English content, or completely independent of it.

      Please note that WPML doesn’t translate your content. It’s a tool that lets you run a site in multiple languages and translate content yourself.

  17. Mohit says:

    Problems with hindi.

    it gives me “There is no translation available for हिन्दी (hi).”

    please help.

  18. Parag says:

    hi dear In my website activate six language but italian,brazil etc but brazil language by default deactivate (activate on day working and tomorrow deactivate and so on .. )

    Plz help..

  19. Selva says:

    I need a simple clarification…

    i added one arabic language then
    I need to add a Turkish language in wpml site language but i could not able to find out that language in check box?????

  20. Sam says:


    Doesn’t work for Danish.
    I have a screenshot if you have an email to send it to.


  21. yukoM says:


    I thought this would be the answer to what I am looking for, but unfortunately not.

    I am using WPML and would like a WP language switch for dashboard.
    WPML does not include this function, you need to edit profile which would be difficult if the user did not speak the language that the menu is in!

    By the way, the automatic language download does not seem to be working for Japanese, it only translates some of WP. I actually have working WP translation files, but cannot use them with this plugin.

  22. yukoM says:

    I noticed that Sarah.n posted said:
    “You can always add your own custom function that adds an additional language switcher in your admin bar which updates the “icl_admin_language” meta key with:


    in this thread:

    could you please show me the full code to do that?

  23. Evan says:

    Does this plug-in change front end of website languages?
    Like this website…. http://www.atlantotec.com/en

    I really look forward to your reply. Thank you so much!!


    • Amir says:

      Yes, WPML lets you run a WordPress site in several languages. You will be able to translate content in the WordPress admin and visitors will see your translation on the front-end.

      Please note that WPML doesn’t translate the content itself. It lets you translate or get translation work from professional translators.

  24. Luciana says:

    Hello, I installed the plugin but I can not configure.

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