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WordPress Developer and Support Jobs

We’re looking for outstanding WordPress developers, supporters, and testers. If you want to build a long-lasting career, working on exciting projects, where your code reaches tens of thousands of people, we have a job for you.

About Working at OnTheGoSystems

OnTheGoSystems, the makers of WPML, is not just a job. It’s a family. We all work together, to make the Web a better place. All our jobs are for full time employees. We are open to people from anywhere in the world. Our all work in ‘remote’ (from our home) and we keep warm and personal contact.

Some of the benefits of working with us:

  • Steady job – we’ve been growing steadily since we started at 2007.
  • Your work matters – with over 500,000 websites running our software, you can be sure you’re doing something that many people will appreciate.
  • Work and relax – we recognize national holidays (in your home country) and also give additional vacation days. The work here is challenging and intense. We know that you also need time to play and rest.
  • You have room to grow – we encourage promotion and improvements. With initiative and skills, you can develop technical expertise and go into management.
  • Nice people like it here – if there’s one criteria we can’t be flexible about, it’s being nice. We promise you’ll enjoy working with the rest of team.
  • We reward good work – we pay bonuses on a regular basis, based on company, team and personal achievements. When the company does well, we all enjoy the fruits.

Open Positions

Expert WordPress Developers

If you’re passionate about coding*, fluent in database architecture and know WordPress API inside and out, we need you.

You’ll join our team, grab your own module and take responsibility for it.

Besides being really smart, we need you to be nice, patient and friendly. It’s more fun for us to work with nice guys and it gives a better experience to our clients.

Want to work with us? Apply today!

* Candidates must have a degree in computer science.

Support Positions

Our support goes well beyond answering emails and forum threads.

Support requests often mean that we’re doing something wrong. It can be missing or unclear documentation, a usability issue, or just a bug (yup, we have them too).

Your role as a support associate will be to understand the issues, see what’s causing them and follow-up with a solution. If you can identify a problem in the code, you’ll use our issue tracking system and retest to see that it’s resolved.

To do this work, you need to be an uber-expert in WordPress and WPML. You need to read PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS and understand where things are coming from.

Like helping people? Apply today!

Quality Assurance and Testing

When people buy our plugins, they expect them to work flawlessly, in different configurations and environments.

We need expert QA people who can make sure that this happens.

As a QA person, your job would be to:

  • Work with the developers to create and maintain test plans
  • Be involved in the design of new functions and perform stress-testing on them
  • Work with the support team, to include tests for anything that users report

To do this job, you must be fluent in PHP and MySQL, with background in WordPress, as an advanced user and a firm understanding of QA process and workflow.

Can you make products perfect? Apply today!

How to apply

Tell us about yourself, your background, previous achievements and work history and which job you’re interested in. We promise to be in touch.

  • Tell us about yourself, why you're the right person for this job and what you've already accomplished.
  • We hate this as much as you do, but it helps keep bots out.