It’s no secret that we consider multilingual e-commerce to be a core strength for WPML. We’re in the middle of major development for a new version of WooCommerce Multilingual. I want to share our progress and direction with you.

Right now, WPML provides support for WooCommerce, Jigoshop and MarketPress.

The current implementation lets you translate products via the product-edit screens of each e-commerce plugin. You can click on the + icons to add translations. This is also where problems are starting from.

As it turns out, the long instructions that are needed to produce a fully multilingual e-commerce site are difficult to follow. Today, you need to:

  • Create the translated store pages
  • Translate product categories
  • Translate products

It sounds easy, but in reality, it’s a pretty long process with plenty of room for errors. Making a mistake in one of the steps leads to things going very wrong later.

Our new approach to multilingual E-Commerce

Now that we know the problems a lot better, we think that we also have a good solution. Instead of long tutorials and multi-step instructions, our plugins will do most of the work for you. Your task would be just to translate, without having to worry about what to do next and where things go.

We’re starting with WooCommerce Multilingual and will later extend this to Jigoshop, MarketPress and hopefully, WordPress E-Commerce.

Automatic duplication for store pages

Remember the 900-words instructions on what pages to duplicate? Don’t worry if you didn’t learn it all, because it’s no longer needed.

WooCommerce Multilingual admin page
WooCommerce Multilingual admin page

WooCommerce Multilingual checks that all store pages appear in all languages. If not, it will gladly create them for you. One click and you’re done.

Multi-currency management

To enable multiple currencies and manage exchange rate, you’ll now have a convenient table on the WooCommerce Multilingual admin page.

Currency management
Currency management

Translating products

Now we come to the part that matters the most – translating your site’s products and categories.

Up to now, translating products has been somewhat of a challenge. You had to know what goes where and follow a winding road through taxonomy, products, attributes and variations. Take a wrong turn and things go wrong.

The new WooCommerce Multilingual plugin includes a single table for translating products.

WooCommerce Multilingual products table (click to zoom)
WooCommerce Multilingual products table (click to zoom)

This translation screen is a lot simpler to use and is forgiving about usage mistakes. There are no special instructions to follow and no traps to avoid. Go through your products and translate them. The plugin takes care of what goes where. It will setup taxonomy, fields and variations for you automatically, so that you only need to care about the actual translation.

Full integration with WPML’s Translation Dashboard

Another important change in this version is the complete integration with WPML’s Translation Dashboard. The new products translation table lets you translate products from within the WordPress admin.

We’re making sure that it works in full sync with the Translation Dashboard. This means that you can assign product translation to your team of translators and have this work done either inside of WordPress or by a translation service.

We are including the logic that will protect you from editing products that were sent to external translation and making sure that all product attributes are saved correctly when translations complete.

When and What Next?

Our aim is to provide this all new WooCommerce Multilingual in about two weeks. The first beta versions will be ready in a few days and we are already looking for people who would like to test them and give us feedback.

We know that multilingual e-commerce is complicated. We’re trying to cover everything according to our experience, but the more help we get in testing, the better release we’ll have.

So, if you are running a site today with WPML and WooCommerce, you should definitely join the beta program. Please leave your comment here and we’ll contact you with a beta version, as soon as it’s ready.

After we are done with WooCommerce Multilingual, we will turn this into a generic glue plugin, which will also handle Jigoshop, MarketPress and WP E-Commerce. This is still a bit later, but we are certainly interested in beta testers.

So, once again (if you skipped here directly), we are looking for beta testers. If you want to enjoy a much smoother multilingual e-commerce experience, add your comment here and we’ll get back to you.

111 Responses to “What’s Up with WPML and WooCommerce Multilingual?”

  1. Interested in the beta version.

    Please add the option to duplicate all the products in another language and/or a checkbox to have the original products displayed if the translation is missing.

  2. I’m interested in the final version, but the beta version will do for now 🙂
    I have multiple woocommerce sites up and running.

  3. Is it possible to also test this new version. I have a site that is ready for product translation so the timing is just perfect…. unless the new version is already out!

    • The new version is taking a little longer to complete. We should be ready next week. Turns out that image and variations synchronization is a bit more than we expected, but we’re getting there. I’e added you to the beta testing list. We’ll send you the beta as soon as it’s ready.

    • I’ve added you to the beta testing list for WooCommerce Multilingual. We’re getting pretty close to a good first release for the new code.

  4. Would like to test out the Beta version! Working on a site right now as we speak that could really use it.

    • I’ve added you to our beta testers list. There’s a little delay with this version, as we’ve run into some additional requirements. The variations sync and image synchronization across translations will take about 2 additional weeks to complete. I’m sorry for this delay, but I promise that we’ll get a very nice version when it’s ready.

  5. Please add me to the beta program. I have a live site that has a problem synching variations and I need to solve this urgently. Thanks.

    • I’ve added you. I’m just doing final testing now and checking if we can send a first version this week. Almost there…

  6. Hi guys,
    I may not have much time, but I would like to give this a shot in the few spare hours I have.

    I have a live wordpress multilingual informational wordpress-website and a separate multilingual webshop (CS-Cart) telling about & selling my own designs. I would love to integrate the informational site and the webshop in a totally wordpress environment, but keeping the informational pages and the webshop-pages as separate as possible. This would safe me a lot of time maintaining 2 multilingual websites.
    Do you think this is possible?

    Best Regards,
    Wim Roskam

    • I think that it’s a lot easier to have one site with both your content and products. I would recommend using WooCommerce for that. The products are stored in their separate content type and don’t mix with pages and posts.

      Still, you can always separate your content from your products. You can install WPML on both sites and have both running multilingual. Is this what you meant to ask?

      • Hi Amir,
        Thanks for replying. You answered my question by saying that the products don’t mix with the pages and posts. That sounds like what I wish to see on my combined website. I would like to give it try.

  7. Hi,

    When is the new version going to be released? Can you please add me to the beta tester list?

    I have a Chinese website with woocommerce integrated and the translation is the biggest challenge so far. I just purchased WPML and was hoping this would solve the issues we are having but looks like we need to wait for the latest and the greatest new release now.

    Thanks and regards!

    • Just a little longer and we’re there. We’ve been planning to release this new WooCommerce Multilingual update before, but we’re running a little late. At this stage, we have variations, products, attributes and taxonomy working very smoothly. We’re finishing to images sync and we’ll be ready.

      I’ve added you to our beta announcement list, so you know when a first solid version is ready.

  8. Hi Amir, I am almost done building a site with woocommerce. I would love to beta test the plugin, if that is possible.

    Best regards,

    • Thanks, added. We’re really almost there. Had a long delay because we had to rewrite our Media Translation plugin for this major update, but this is done now and we’re in QA for the new version of WooCommerce Multilingual.

  9. Hi,

    Also I would like to join the test. This is what I was missing in WPML. Currently plug-in is unfortunately not ideal.


  10. Hi Amir,
    I am also interested in joining the Beta for this, I deal with a few multi lingual WooCommerce stores, and this could definitly improve my work flow!


  11. Hi Amir,

    I’d like to beta test too.

    I have an suggestion, not for this release of course. What I’d like to see is that language and currency were not linked but 2 separate and independent elements. Why? Take for instance French as in your example above. It is spoken in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and a couple of other countries. Now what currency shall I associate with? CAN$, Swiss Francs, Euro? The workaround for now: different language versions:

    – French France/Belgium/Luxembourg -> EUR
    – French Canada -> CAN$
    – French Switzerland -> Swiss Francs.

    And that is only French. Take English as language and it gets even worse.

    Nevertheless, I love WPML. Awesome plugin with a great functionality.


    • Thanks. Added you to our testing list. This upcoming release already improves on the multi-currency workflow, but there’s still room for improvement. In addition to what you’re writing, we also very much want to include limiting certain currencies by visitor countries. We see this in high demand and we’d also like to have it for ourselves.

    • Great timing. WooCommerce Multilingual beta is shipping out tomorrow. You’ll have it in your inbox.

  12. Hi, I have a site that is currently in english and for the UK market, however, we are now selling to Belgium and France. Am interested in using WPML, but am I able to add different prices without having to use currency converter? And most importantly, is this ready?

    • At the moment, different pricing is connected with different currencies. The entire thing works using hooks and is very flexible. You can set different pricing, based on country, but I think that it will require additional code. You can get some inspiration from the Table Rate Shipping WooCommerce extension. It sets shipping by country. I think that you need something like that. You should set the different pricing based on billing country, rather than the site’s language. After all, everyone can switch the site’s language in the checkout. It’s impossible to change the billing address.

      Does this make any sense?

  13. Hi,

    I need help 🙂 I use woo commerce multilingual and la bomba – template.

    I can not translate following lines at “MyAccount Page”

    Already Have Account?

    I’m returning customer

    and also “Existing Customer ? Click here to login”

    either to turkish nor to german.

    What do I do wrong?

    Best Regards,