We’re doing a major redesign for this site. Instead of providing random thoughts and ‘interesting’ stuff, we’re turning it into a project site.

Our project is:

A WordPress platform for building full multilingual websites

or, if you like, turning WP into a fully featured multilingual CMS. We want it to give just as much power as Jooma! and Drupal, but at a fraction of the complication. We think we can do it.

Do do this, we’ll provide a collection of plugins, which will be bundled together or can be installed individually. The plugins will modify the public pages as well as the admin section in order to provide the required functionality.

It will run on both the standard WordPress and WordPress MU.

What would this do that WP doesn’t do?

Many people already use WP to build full websites. Still some core features are missing. Here is what we’re thinking about:

  • Easy to build and administer site wide navigation, including an admin screen for controlling page order, grouping into sections and menu contents.
  • Easy and reliable internal and external link structure. Our absolute links plugin is a basis, but much more work is needed. We want it to be extra easy to add an manage links between pages and external links coming to your website.
  • Proper multilingual support that doesn’t break every time WP version changes.
  • Safety features such as page/post undelete.
  • and other less ‘sexy’ but very important features.

Can you think of a great name?

And, we’re asking for help naming this project. If you have any ideas, add them as a comment here or contact us.

3 Responses to “Help Name a Project”

  1. ‘Tis my good fortune that while I was checking out multilingual plugin solutions for WPMU install at WP.org in addition to wpmudev sites, I came upon your plugins. As I understand it, your plugin would work best on the website/blog in the main WPMU install and the translations in subdirectory or subdomain structure. I find the thought interesting enough to set up a test WPMU install and see the magic 🙂

    On the other hand, when I set up WPMU as CMS in subdirectory structure for department sections and for add-on individual blogs (which i often do for non-profit organizations). I would have to add a lot of translated-version-blogs for each department and each individual blogs, or is there a work-around that? 🙂

    Some name suggestions for your project:
    WP-ML, WPMU-ML, WPWorld, WPLanguages, WPCMS-ML, etc.

    Good luck and thank you for your plugins.

    • Hi Mercime,

      SitePress works with one blog only – you don’t have to create separate blogs for each language you want to translate in.