Bug fixes in version 1.0.1

Last week we came out with WPML 1.0.0, which includes the new translation interface. This release fixes problems in that part of the plugin.

Two problems were fixed:

  • There were missing tables for people updating from version 0.9.9 (fresh installs were OK).
  • All Asian languages and Norwegian were not set up correctly.

Everyone who is using WPML’s content translation should update to this release.

If you’re updating via the WordPress plugin updates, no further action is required. If you’re doing it manually (download and unzip) you should also deactivate and activate the plugin, so that the languages table gets fixed.

Translators still not assigned?

We were a bit overwhelmed by the number of people who started using the translation service after WPML 1.0.0 was released a week ago. We wanted people to use it, but weren’t quite prepared for the numbers.

When people sign up for translation, we manually go over our database of translators and assign the best one for each site. It’s a work intensive process, but there’s no other way we can do it.

All the translators in our database are professional translators, but each has different fields of expetise, so we can’t just assign them by random. Once translators are assigned, they stay with the project and know the website just as well as the author.

If you signed up for translation, but didn’t yet get a message that a translator has been assigned to your project, don’t despair. We’ve managed to clear most of the backlog and are now handling new assignments. Let us know if your site is still not assigned.

Give us early notice before you begin translation

In case we don’t have translators available for the languages you need, assigning a translator takes even more time. In this case, we need to look for new translators, interview them and run through our qualification program before we can assign them to live projects.

This takes time and there are no shortcuts.

If you’re thinking about translating your site, contact us and tell us about it. This way, by the time you’re ready to start translating, we’ll already be ready with a qualified translator who can handle your site’s unique contents.