One of the new features in WPML 1.1 (out soon) is translation for general strings (blog title and tagline) and widgets. Widget translation includes titles for all widgets and translation for text widget contents.

If your blog/site needs widget and string translation, you’re most welcome to give the new development version of WPML. The development version works just fine now and is not yet released because we’re still working on other features that will be included in WPML 1.1.

After you update WPML, you’ll see another menu called ‘String translation’. It will list all the site’s strings that can be translated. Click on any string to enter translations and save. Now, visit your site in other languages and you’ll see the translations.

Here is how the string translation interface looks like:

WPML's string translation interface
WPML's string translation interface

How it looks like

Once you enter the translation in the strings editor, it immediately applies to the site. For instance, this are screen shots showing the blog name and tagline in English and Spanish:

Site name and tagline in English
Site name and tagline in English
Site name and tagline in Spanish
Site name and tagline in Spanish

How to install plugin development versions

  1. Download the development version for WPML.
  2. Deactivate WPML.
  3. Unzip the file you downloaded (or if you can’t unzip on your server, unzip locally and upload to the server to wp-contents/plugins).
  4. Activate WPML again.

How is it working for you?

Let us know how it’s working. If there are any problems, now is the time to fix.

11 Responses to “Who needs translation for blog title, tagline and widgets?”

  1. Hi
    This site is in it’s early stages as I’m using it to try out WPML. I’m really interested in the widget string translation facility. I’ve downloaded and activated it but can’t see any strings when I go to string translation? Any ideas.

    I also think that AIO SEO integration is the way forward


    • Hi Allen,

      Can you please tell me which theme you’re using? It might have something to do with the text widgets not showing up.


  2. Hello !
    I’ve downloaded and activated it but can’t see another menu called ‘String translation’.

    My theme is a simple one : EDUJournal.

    Any ideas?


    • First, go to WPML and click on Advanced (the button is at the top-right).

      Then, you’ll see ‘Theme and plugins localization’.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for this great plugin. I just have a small problem.
    I’m using the Tubepress plugin and use it as a widget and it’s the only one that is not listed in String translation. All others works fine.

    Any idea ?


  4. Hi!

    Great plugin!

    My only problem is:
    i can translate widget titles, but not the title of the “Links” widgets.
    I mean the link categories’s names.

    Any solution for this? 🙂


  5. What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. I go to WPML/String Translation
    2. Find the Widget Body for the one text widget in the 1 sidebar on http://savannahmedicalclinic.com
    3. Manually add the Spanish translation for the text, “Servicios de aborto y cuidados de la salud de la mujer – Savannah, Brunswick, Hinesville, Statesboro, Hilton Head and Beaufort, SC ” Select “Translation Compete” and save. (I also did this for the widget title)
    4. Test front end.

    What is the expected output?
    I expected the text widget to display in Spanish when the Spanish page and Spanish Widget title are displayed.

    What do you see instead?

    When the Spanish translation is selected, the widget title is translated, the text body is in English.

    What version of WPML and WordPress are you using?
    Using WPML 2.01 and WP 3.02,

    The site is hosted on hostmonster.com.


  6. Please, help! I can’t find where i can translate the site title and site tagline into other languages 🙂

  7. Hi there,

    I am getting frustrated with widgets that don’t show up in the second language website. I use currently WPML and when I go translation strings, I can translate widget titles, but not the text.

    But the biggest issue is that widgets don’t show at all in the french website, only english one. See http://www.goodmorningcreativity.com/contact/ versus http://www.goodmorningcreativity.com/fr/contactez-nous/

    Could you please help me to correct this?
    big thanks


  8. this is great, however truth be told translating title&description is kinda hidden – in basic mode it can’t be seen at all and in advanced mode it’s under some ‘mysterious’ strings 😉
    maybe I’m ‘special’, but I was even ready to make custom solution for translation title until I luckily googled this article