Remember we kept promising we’re going to add new languages to WPML? Well, today’s the day.

If your language isn’t listed you can help us add it. WPML needs to have the rest of the language names translated to your language, then, we can add it. So, this is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Download WPML_language_names.txt.
  2. Translate it to your language. That list includes two columns, the ISO code and the language name. Don’t edit the ISO code.
  3. Send it back to us using our contact form (after you send the initial message, you’ll be able to upload files).

When you edit that file, make sure that you’re saving as UTF-8. Don’t use a word processor, but rather a plain text editor. Notepad would be fine.

Adding languages to WPML is a bit more complicated than it sounds, so we can’t add one at a time. We’ll include the new languages in WPML 1.3, scheduled for the end of August.

Sample from that languages file

Just to make sure you’re doing the right thing, here is a (small) part of this list in English:


And, here is the translation to Spanish:


Leave a comment here if you’re planning to add a language, so that we know what to expect.

37 Responses to “New languages for WPML”

  1. Can u add Malay Language in the “list shows the languages that are enabled for this site”. I just wanna Malay Language put in the list, because i use my own translators for the Translator Selection.

    • Have you actually done an Afrikaans translation for WPML?

      To WPML: Guys, pleeease, I desperately need this translation in like three days! Please could you help me out? I’d be much obliged!


  2. where can I see which languages are included in the plugin. i wish to add dutch if it isn’t available yet.

    • Dutch is included among the languages that WPML supports and the list of languages is already translated to it. The plugin admin screens are not translated to Dutch yet, but it’s better to wait with this until the next release as we’re doing some changes to it.

  3. @amir

    Thanks! do you know if there is a list of languages in which the plugin exists? would be nice to have an overview. haven’t found it so far, but maybe I am not looking thoroughly…?

  4. Hi Amir,

    Any heads up on when the add our own language page will be available? I would really love to use this plugin, but the Malay language (ms_MY) is not included yet. I’ve sent you the list of translated language names already, though.

  5. Hi! Please, can you e-mail me russian version of this list? It will be easier for me to modify and send you Kyrgyz language file.


    • We’re currently working on adding language editing and translation as part of WPML. This should help you do this as well.

  6. I need to use Breton language which you have in the list to download under br. However, the br flag is Brazil and when you install the plugin, Breton is not available.

    I can’t send you a complete list of countries translated into Breton as I can’t speak it.

    Is there a simple way now to add a language which is not in the list ? Event in a beta version if you want us to test it.


  7. Hello. I would like to know if Afrikaans is available yet. I have had a look at ICanLocalize to see if English to Afrikaans (af-ZA) is listed anywhere and it seems not to be listed.

    If you can advise that Afrikaans is available then I will purchase the plugin immediately. Thanks!

    • WPML itself is not translated to Afrikaans, but you can certainly include it in your sites.

      If a language you need doesn’t appear by default, go to WPML->Languages, click on ‘edit languages’ and add it.

  8. Hi,
    I would like to create a ML-Site with simple german. Simple german is for handicapped people. So therefore I would just need a second German option. There is an equivalent in English: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plain_language

    Maybe it would be good to add the option of having a simplified version also.


  9. Hi I would like to integrate the laothian (lo) in WPML, I’m now working on the translation of WPML_language_names.txt. I will soon send you the final file.


  10. Hi, I already done the laothian translation, but I still can’t access the upload files field in the contact form.


  11. I’ve sent you a message via the form for sending you the WPML_language_names.txt for LAO language, but I didn’t get to upload a file… I you like to get the file, I’ll be glad to send it to you, just tell me how to do it ?

    This message is the common with Eric from the 2 previous comments.