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We’ve spent the last week creating a library of functions that enable to add optional multilingual support to WordPress themes and it’s time to put it to good use.

Using this library, you’ll be able to make any WordPress theme multilingual if WPML is active, or run normally otherwise.

And, there’s an additional extra benefit. This new package integration package contains a place to add an affiliate code, so that you get paid for any translation work that we do for people who use that theme.

Optional WPML support for themes

Starting with WPML 1.2.1 (right now, in Beta, out next week), there’s going to be a file with theme integration functions that you can copy and add to your theme. Include it from function.php and it becomes available to the rest of the theme’s functions.

Then, make some small changes and use those functions for things like:

  • Home page link
  • Hard coded links in the theme
  • Featured stories, news and other list of posts
  • Adding a language selector (or several, in different styles)

All these changes will make the theme run multilingual in case WPML is enabled. Otherwise the theme displays just as it does now (single language).

Some popular themes we’re turning multilingual

We’ve just started a project for creating multiligual-ready versions for popular themes. The themes we’re starting with are iNove, Arras, Fusion, Atahualpa and Thematic.

Next week, we’ll start posting about each of those themes. Each post will include a download link, live demo (with multilingual contents) and description of what was needed to make the theme multilingual.

Want us to help with your theme too?

If you’re making a popular theme, we’ll be glad to help you make it multilingual. You’ll also get your own affiliate code (embedded in the theme) and get credited when we translate any website built with your theme.

Contact us, tell us a bit about what you do and we’ll take it from there.