We’re finally ready with a first second testing version for WPML 1.3.0 – wpml_130_beta2.

New in WPML 1.3.0

This release is a result of 6 weeks of development. It’s packed with new features and bug fixes.

1. Much improved usability

The translation controls are now easier to use. Adding translations is done in a single click without having hoops to jump through.

The overview page is more organized and provides more concise information on what you can do with WPML and its current status.

The languages setup page became a wizard, to help new users set it up correctly.

The professional translation page got a wizard too, to make this easier to use to everyone.

2. Comments translation

If you’re running a multilingual blog, in languages you don’t speak yourself, moderating comments must be a pretty tough job. WPML 1.3.0 now includes built in translation for visitor comments.

When enabled, you’ll see all new comments instantly translated to your language.

3. Per user admin language

The admin language can now be set individual from the default language. Each user can further choose the admin language from the profile page.

4. An API for providing language services to other plugins

This may not be an obviously usable feature to everyone but it’s a major milestone for integrating WPML with other plugins. The first two in the pipe are an amazing and new multilingual support ticket system and multilingual support for BuddyPress.

More news on this as we have them.

Bug fixes

Over the last few weeks, we’ve included dozens of bug fixes. These include things like support for MySQL in strict mode (Windows users will appreciate this), fixes for bugs like we’ve seen when working with YARPP and many other smaller and larger bugs.

Who is this release for?

First of all, it’s not for production sites.

In case you skipped the previous line, here it is again:

This is a beta release. It’s intended for testing and not for production sites. We didn’t upgrade our own wpml.org to it and we don’t recommend anyone to upgrade live sites to beta releases.

If you can install this beta release on a test site and give it a good shake, we would appreciate it very much. We’re continuing with the testing and any bug reports we get from users will make WPML better. It’s much nicer to see bug reports from test sites than from live sites.

How to report issues

You’re welcome to leave comments here. For tracking down technical issues, it would be a good idea to open threads in the forum and tag them as wpml130-beta. This would allow us to manage open issues and make sure that the final release is clean.

We’re not looking for just bugs. Anything goes. If something doesn’t seem logical or clear or simple, let us know. If you think it should do something, but it does something else, let us know too.


This new release was made possible mainly due to the huge contribution from Joen Asmussen, a usability expert who donated his time to improve WPML. Thanks Joen!

Here is the download link again:


To install it, download to /wp-content/plugins and unzip there. If you’ve installed over an existing version of WPML, don’t forget to deactivate it and activate again.

16 Responses to “WPML 1.3.0 Beta 1 for testing”

  1. Amir,

    Thank you for this wonderful job. I will test it first on my localhost. Currently, I have been using qTranslate on my website (click on my name to check it out). However, I am still waiting for the stable release for being used on my another website. Hope it would be released as soon as possible.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the kind feedback.

      The main objective in this release is to make WPML easier to use, both when setting it up and when using it.

      I would love to hear any suggestions you have on that (and of course, any bug you find).

      The download link is fixed, so I deleted your other comment (just so that people don’t click on the bad link).

      May I also ask why you’re thinking about using WPML when you’re already used to qTranslate?

  2. Honestly, the first time I tested qTranslate, I fell in love with its tab language that shown up on the post article editor. It made me easy to translate my post by switching between tab regarding the language I want. For example, I use English and Indonesian for my website, then there will be two new tabs with name “English” and “Indonesian”.

    Since both translation being saved in the same record in qTranslate, I only need click on the Save or Publish button once, and both translation of that article would be saved in database, whereas in WPML I had to create first the main article and then create another translation for it. It means that if my website uses two languages just like the example above, then the article would be saved separately become two records in WPML.

    I know, both qTranslate and WPML have their advantages and disadvantages. qTranslate easy to use since it has more user-friendly, but unfortunately, it has disadvantages when I deactivate this plugin, then I have to remove the tag and edit the content of article in order to display properly. Besides that, the permalink created by qTranslate only one (they differentiate by the secondary language code in the URL). I am not sure whether this will be affected in SEO (some people say yes about this). Meanwhile, from its forum, many qTranslate’s user need this permalink also translated according to its language. For example: currently, in qTranslate, the permalink just like: http://www.example.com/about-me/ (in English) and http://www.example.com/id/about-me/ (in Indonesian). It should be: http://www.example.com/about-me/ (in English) and http://www.example.com/id/tentang-saya/ (in Indonesian).

    So, I started searching another plugin, and I found WPML. That is why I obviously want to try and use yours on my another website. The reason why I have been waiting for the 1.3 release, since I hoped WPML would provide the feature to make web admin easier to import my articles from another table/database. Also, I think it would be better if you could add the tab feature on the editor text just like in qTranslate. This will make WPML easier to use as you mentioned above.

    Anyway, I obviously want to use this WPML. Thanks, Amir.

    • Thanks for the explanation. This is very helpful.

      We’re trying to make switching between translations as easy as possible. For this, we moved the translation box to the top right and simplified it. We’ll also make the translations ‘show’ / ‘hide’ state sticky, so that once you click to show translations, it will stay open and you don’t have to click on it over and over.

      An import function from other plugins is very important, but I don’t want to implement it as part of WPML. I prefer to create another plugin for switching between translation plugins. This way, we can make changes to this function without having to wait for the release cycles of WPML. Functionally it’s the same, just easier to manage.

      • Thanks, Amir. You are right, I have seen that translation box at the top right of the page. Now it is better than before. I also love the “show/hide” section as you mentioned. About import function, I am also agree with you. Looking forward to hearing back about it.

        If you don’t mind, please provide us also the documentation about how we can get to know the relationship between one post with the other that has its translation. I meant, are we able to know the formula that you use in wp_icl_translations table?

        IMHO, this is important since sometimes we want to make our own import function using another programming language, so we will not misunderstand to assign the value to the element_id and trid field in that table. Thanks, Amir.

  3. In admin panel -> WPML -> Translation Synchronization, If I checked in “Enabled Translation” column belongs to the only WPML record plugins text translation there, afterwards I click on Save button, then the next page that appear is a blank page.

    Here is the URL belongs to that blank page:

    I am not sure whether it is a bug or not. Any comment about this?

    • We didn’t yet manage to get this. We might be able to add this functionality to a helper plugin that we’re planning to do.

  4. I just installed the beta and I will be playing with it and test it. usually if something is broken it catches me 🙂

    I am also a big fan of qtranslate for its easy of use. However, WPML has several advantages over it.
    1. It allows multiple translators to work at the same time to translate the content. I have people who are willing to translate the website for me and with qtranslate this cannot be done because they will be opening the same page!
    2. Navigation menus based on ID and not on name. I searched all over the place for a plugin to let me do horizontal navigation while using the ID of the pages instead of a name. WPML is the only plugin to provide such functionality. As for the sidebar navigation it will blown you away.
    3. It does not affect the page content by introducing tags. Everything remains clean.

    and best of all its excellent support!

    • That’s right! WPML has the best of the best excellent support until now, besides another reasons I and you mentioned above.

      That’s why I am starting fall in love with WPML for now on. 🙂

  5. Hi, good job with 1.3.0

    But there is a bug. If I activate the plugin I can’t see the comments anymore.

    And something else:
    Can you make the breadcrump navigation more customizable? So that I can set another word for home or in German Start (Apropos Start, if the user select another language the breadcrump shows although Start and not for example home for English)
    Can you change this?


    • Hi Alex,

      Good catch. We’ve also noticed this (and got a report from another user who Beta tested). We’re fixing this right now and are trying to have the final release of WPML 1.3.0 late today.

      It’s encouraging to see that of all the people who tested, just this came up. I think we’ll have a pretty clean release.

      Regarding future plans, this is what we’re planning for WPML 1.3.1:
      1. Add those languages we’ve been promising for so long time.
      2. Fix the blog page drop down menu, so it acts like any other page.
      3. Add hooks to the breadcrumbs trail and sidebar navigation.

      Give us a couple of days to recover from this release and start a thread in the forum with the specific breadcrumbs issue, so that we don’t forget it.