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Many folks have asked us how WPML’s language information is stored. Some have even spent valuable time reverse engineering it in order to solve immediate problems (like migrating from Gengo to WPML).

Without further delay, have a look at WPML’s tables description. That page describes the languages and translation table, the country flags table and the strings translation table.

I hope that this description helps develop themes and plugins that work with WPML.

WPML’s Sticky Links – what’s that?

From time to time, folks ask us what are WPML’s Sticky Links. In case you’re wondering, you can see it by going to WPML’s menu and click on Sticky Links.

Are you using Sticky Links?

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Thanks for answering this poll. Sticky Links are one of WPML’s more powerful functions and we’re trying to make them easier and more obvious to use.

2 Responses to “WPML tables description (and a poll)”

  1. I was wondering about those sticky links 🙂
    In my website, I am using Get Permalink plugin to link directly to other pages using the page ID. This in my opinion can reduce the queries to the db. However, I was thinking yesterday and I thought but what about translated pages? The ID wont be the same I assume. So if I use sticky links instead will it be able to figure out the links to the translated pages without re-hunting for post/page ID?

    • WPML’s Sticky Links operate similarly to the Get Permalink plugin, with the important exception that it figures the IDs automatically. When you create a link (in the editor), just paste the regular permalink to that page. When saving, WPML will change that link to the default links format (which uses the ID). It does that for pages, posts, tags and categories.

      Then, when the page is displayed, the default links are converted to the current permalink values.

      When you use WPML’s professional translation, it automatically adjusts the links to other translated pages, so a translated page will link to other translated pages. This happens fully automatic.

      I think that I should write a post that explains all this.