We have a big challenge on our hands and are looking for your suggestions.

How do we make WPML’s admin as simple and friendly as possible, while keeping all the advanced features available?

The idea is to give WPML two modes – Basic and Advanced. Basic mode will be for people who want to run a multilingual blog with minimal setup and nothing besides the ability to translate contents. Advanced mode is for everything else.

WPML in Basic mode

This is intended for folks who want to run multilingual, but not spend any time configuring anything. Really anything. It means that some elements in custom themes may not be multilingual, but it’s not a problem in this case.

In Basic mode, WPML’s admin menu will include just the Languages page. No theme localization, string translation, etc. Just select the site’s languages and that’s it.

WPML in Advanced mode

Advanced mode will be what WPML looks like now. It includes all the functionality.

The Languages page will also appear in ‘Advanced’ mode, allowing to choose the URL structure, admin language and other fun stuff.

Unlike today, the switch between Basic and Advanced will be persistent. Meaning, once you’ve gone Advanced, it stays Advanced until you click on Basic again.

Help us tune it

To fine tune this new change, we really want to know what you’re using WPML for. This is a poll we published a while back. Click your answer here:

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Thanks a lot, you’re really helping us here!

One Response to “Making WPML’s admin way simpler”

  1. Maybe it would be interesting get real data of used features (e.g. when the plugin is updated, it sends you the relevant settings…). Why? Well, I was not sure what you meant by “navigation” here but I suppose I don’t use these features. So real-data-method might bring more exact and more precise information…