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WPML is somewhat of a dual beast. It lets users translate their own sites and also offers professional translation. Today, I’d like to show how the professional translation works.

How WPML’s professional translation works

  1. You write contents in your language.
  2. WPML sends posts and pages to ICanLocalize for translation.
  3. Translators work on ICanLocalize’s translation system.
  4. WPML fetches the completed translations and either publishes or holds for review.

When you use this, you can concentrate on the contents in your language and WPML takes care of the rest. For example, it will adjust links to go to other translated pages, creates pages in the correct hierarchy and handle any custom field that you’re using.

Who is doing the translation?

When you set up professional translation, you can choose between two options:

  • Using translators from ICanLocalize.
  • Using your own translators.

Most people prefer using translators from ICanLocalize, as they’re all excellent at their work and highly trained at using our translation system.

When you choose this option, translators from our pool would apply to work on your site. They’re all very good but each comes from a different background. So, for example, if you’re doing a tourist related site, you would probably prefer a translator who’s already worked on other similar websites.

Setting up and using professional translation

Go to WPML->Pro translation and click to enable it. Next, you need to select which languages to translate between, which translators to use and enter information for an account (just your name and email).

For now, you’re done. Over the next day or two, translators will apply for this work. You can see their resumes and chat with them.

Once you’ve selected translators, you can start sending documents to translation.

Go to Tools->Translation dashboard, select what needs to be translated (you can select everything at once) and click to send to translation. That’s it. Your translator will get it, translate and it appears back in your site.

Want to see it in action? Here’s a live demo (featuring my voice, with a slight cold):


Handing off translated sites to your clients

Web developers often need to supply sites with initial contents and then hand them off to their clients.

You can use ICanLocalize’s professional translation to build the initial translations for the client site and show off a nice multilingual site with real contents.

Then, when you hand the site over to your client, tell us and we’ll transfer the ownership of the translation to the client as well. This means that the client will be paying for the translations from now on (and of course, manage them).

And, as a sign of gratitude, we will keep you as an affiliate for that site. When we get paid for translation work, you’re credited as well. It’s just fair as you’re the one who got us the job in the first place.

If you’re building multilingual sites for clients, can you help us by participating in this poll?

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