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We’re working on new and exciting features for WPML, but before all, we want to make sure that no bugs are left behind.

So, just before diving in to the first theme multilingual packs, we’re ready with another bugfix release:


Who should upgrade

If you’ve reported an issue in the forum, most chances are that a fix is included in this version (have a look at the bug-fix details).

One of the most popular problems we’re seeing is with initial setup. All sorts of issues keep the AJAX calls from running correctly. Since it’s done in AJAX, debug can be quite difficult. We’ve added a health check for the AJAX calls, so that when WPML has a problem, you’ll know about it right away.

If you can’t add languages, try this version and see if it explains why.

Also, if you’d like to experiment with the new features and get back to us with feedback, it would be great if you can try this new version.

How to upgrade

  1. Download the devel version to your wp-contents/plugins directory.
  2. Unzip it there.
  3. Deactivate WPML and activate it again.

Fixes and new features

The aim of this version isn’t to add too many new features (and possibly new bugs), but to fix existing problems. On the way, we also added some simple features, who made running some sites (including our) difficult.

Fixed bugs

  • Improved the way the AJAX functions are loaded – helps for non-standard server configurations.
  • Reports a 404 error for missing translations (and not a weird unrelated message).
  • Makes sure that translations can never be sent to ICanLocalize twice.
  • Added health check for AJAX files (and warns if anything appears broken).

New features

  • Users can add notes for translation (when using ICanLocalize translation).
  • Breadcrumbs function accepts custom separators.
  • Professional translation setup screen re-ordered to be more streamlined.
  • Added custom fields for integration with iPhone and BlackBerry applications.
  • Page template, ‘allow comments’ and ‘allow pings’ synchronized between translations.
  • ICanLocalize reminders box can be minimized.

5 Responses to “Bugfix development version”

  1. it doesn’t work!

    when i try to activate, display white error page say ‘don’t have permission to access this page’ ! and i can’t login to my panel!

    i have php 5.2, and wp 2.8.4


    • You can use the forum for technical support. If you can’t log in to your site due to any plugin, you can always delete it and WordPress will auto-deactivate.

  2. I have the same problems like Martin when i try to activate, display white error page say ‘don’t have permission to access this page’ ! and i can’t login to my panel!

    please help me…..