We’re getting ready for WPML 1.4.0 and have a preview release for it – wpml_140_prev2.zip

The main change is this release is having two modes:

  • Basic – allowing only to enter multilingual contents.
  • Advanced – allowing everything else too.

Before the final release, we’re also going to make the professional translation interface much simpler.

Bugs fixed since 1.3.5

A lot of energy went into finding and fixing bugs. Here’s what was fixed so far:

  • Language information was deleted when doing future publishing.
  • Slashes were removed from posts and pages.
  • WPML admin functions didn’t work when using HTTPs.
  • WPML refused to run if plugins directory was different then wp-contents (WP has some bugs there too, so care is needed when doing that).
  • Admin language per user was not working.
  • Language locales not set by default.
  • Categories disappearing after doing quick-edit.
  • Static home/blog page could not be set for new installations.
  • Some MySQL query errors.
  • Cleaned up the HTML in lots of places (unescaped & signs).

Any problems remaining?

So, if you are seeing one of these bugs on WPML 1.3.5, please try this version. It’s clean and can be used on live sites (running on wpml.org right now).

Make sure you report them in the forum. The devil’s in the details, so when you report problems, make it easy for us to fix by explaining how we can see it and how we can reproduce.

4 Responses to “WPML 1.4.0 preview”

  1. The upgrade wiped out my navigation and my widget. I’m so upset. I am going to try to roll it back, but I’m not sure if that will make it worse or not.

    • You can try the forum for technical support. Maybe you can explain what happened to the navigation and what widget you’re talking about. Also, a link might be helpful.

      We do our best to help, but it’s a bit difficult with the information you provided.

  2. I’m interest to translate the plugin itself in Persian language, but I cannot find the .po file! Where can I get the latest version of sitepress.po?
    BTW, This plugin is absolutely stunning. Very nicely done. Thanks!

    • We’re going to make not only WPML translatable to everyone but allow you to translate all other plugins. Then, you’ll be able to share your translations with others via WPML.

      I estimate that all this will be ready in about a month. It’s worth waiting for!