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WPML, through ICanLocalize, is now offering completely free professional translation for any WordPress theme to over 16 major languages.

How we’re doing it

No, we’re not crazy. We’ve built a powerful resource file localization system, we’re using it ourselves and for a tiny additional cost we can offer free translation for anyone who needs it.

We’re localizing our own themes for and and we’ve ‘discovered’ that other themes share most of the texts. Stuff like leave a comment, page not found and other texts just repeat in all sites.

Now that we’ve added about a dozen themes (first one is Unsaid Words from our friends at VivaThemes), each new theme includes just a few more words to translate. The rest of the theme’s strings are already translated.

Free translation for your themes too

Let’s start with the fine print. To get free translation for your theme, it needs to meet a few requirements:

  • The theme needs to be localization ready (all strings wrapped in gettext calls).
  • The theme’s text are in English.
  • WPML should run correctly with the theme. If the theme uses standard WordPress API call, it should be fine.
  • We’ll only work with friendly people.

Passed all tests? Let’s start!

  1. Create a partner account. It’s free and takes a minute.
  2. Open a support ticket, tell about your theme and attach it to the ticket.
  3. We’ll create a new page for you in our theme localization project. Here’s an example – Unsaid Words translations page.

3 Responses to “Free Professional Translation for WordPress Themes”

  1. Sounds great.

    Can you add also Indonesian language? If you need a volunteer, then I am ready for that. So, please do not hesitate to contact me, anytime you want. 🙂