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WPML 1.7.0 is now ready for your testing. It includes a whole new set of features intended to make building multilingual WordPress sites a whole lot easier.

Automatically turns WordPress themes into multilingual

We’ve already introduced this new feature, but it’s worth explaining again.

As of this version, creating a multilingual theme requires no additional effort on your side. Any WordPress theme you’ll be making will turn multilingual by itself.

As long as you’re using WordPress API and not hacking the database, WPML will make the theme run multilingual without touching any code. It hooks to dozens of WordPress calls and return the results for the right language.

Complex themes like Atahualpa, Arras and any premium theme we’ve tested (many from WooThemes, StudioPress and VivaThemes) just work without any change. No more need to make dozens of adjustments for WPML and no need to ask for our help. Just fire up the theme and that’s it.

Robust language switchers

Adding a language switcher to the site can be a lot of work, but not any more.

WPML can now add a nicely designed language switcher to your site’s footer. You can choose the colors, from the admin page, and see a lively preview.

By the time WPML 1.7.0 is officially out, we’ll be adding even more language switchers styles.

Download, test and let us know

This release candidate it intended especially for web developers. Try it out on test sites (please, don’t update on production sites) and see how it works with your non-multilingual themes.

If everything goes right, the theme should just function multilingual. This means that stuff like featured contents, special categories in navigation, popular posts and other cool things should just display in the correct language.

Let us know how it’s going. This is the time to make changes and fix bugs.

So, without further delay, here is the download link:

8 Responses to “WPML 1.7.0 – Release Candidate”

  1. Dear WPML Team,

    I have requested you many times to include our language Pashto (Afghanistan) in the next releases but no luck. Do we get to see our beloved language somewhere in near future?

    P.S i have already sent you the language file.


  2. hallo wpml,

    I have made some nice tests:-) used the widget styler and everything works fine. Translating everything within short time, really looks like it is working out of the box… until now.

    Iám building on a StudioPress Theme and it looks good. I´am not ready to show something but I’m ready to make some big concepts using this great plugin. Thank you, looking forward to offer more customers multilingual sites.

    Best regards

  3. Hi Amir,
    Great news!
    Perhaps a stupid question, but do the themes need to be set up for localization or are you saying that even that is not necessary with this new release?

    • It’s actually a good question. The theme needs to be localization ready, meaning, all texts wrapped in gettext calls.

  4. I used WPML for a WP single Blog installation and it worked 1.6 fine!!!
    But now I’m curious if this new version is WPMU compatible as a sitewide Plugin! Would it be possible to define languages which will be installed for all new Blogs?


    • We’re holding off all WPMU functionality until WP 3, where they merge MU with the normal WordPress. Then, we’ll see how MU works and will see what we need to do to be as compatible as possible.

      Makes sense?