We’re finally ready with the first fully working version of BuddyPress Multilingual. It’s a glue plugin which allows BuddyPress sites to run fully multilingual using WPML.

BuddyPress sites include many components which are not language aware. This plugin changes it by adding language information to all of them.

So, when you’re using WPMU, BuddyPress and WPML, BuddyPress Multilingual sits in the middle and makes them all play nice.

It adds a language switcher to the BuddyPress banner, and makes sure that wherever you go in the site, you stay in the same language. So, for example, if you’re viewing a member profile, the page will display in the correct language.

Here is how it looks like in action:

This text will be replaced

What you can see in the movie is how I change the site language. Once changed, everything displays in that language.

How to use

BuddyPress Multilingual has no GUI and no configuration. To use it, you need to enable WPML and BuddyPress. Then, enable BPML.

In order to run correctly WPML needs to be configured to use language directories. This is the only supported language URL configuration. Besides that, there’s nothing else to check.

How is it working for you?

22 Responses to “BuddyPress Multilingual 1.0.0 is Live”

  1. It’s not working 🙁 … I have this config:

    WordPress WordPress 2.9.2
    Buddypress 1.2.3
    WPML 1.7.3 (Language by Directory /de/ etc. is working!)
    BuddyPress Multilingual 1.0.0

    Theme is:
    BuddyPress Scholar 2.1.5 (WPMUdev)

    But it is also not working with BuddyPress Default 1.2.3 Theme!

    The Pulldown just does not show up and my main problem is that the BuddyPress Links in the Menu don’t have the /LANG/ in their URL so as soon as you click on something within the “Community” Tab your on the default language (english)!


    What could it be?????


    • I suggest that you turn on WPML’s debug mode and see if you’re getting anything.

      It looks like the BP Multilingual plugin is not doing anything.

  2. So just that everybody knows … the problem I had was that I ran regular WordPress … the Plugin REQUIRES WPMU … after I switched to WPMU it works … well kinda works … there are still some problems with in site navigation (e.g. userlist click on next page and its not working and such …) … our solution so far is to NOT use multilingual BuddyPress … it’s just not possible at the moment!

  3. hi, I found a confusing bug in the buddypress implementation. in the admin panel, it looks for translation .mo files, and if it doesn’t fine them it tells you so:

    this caused me hours of confusion because I thought the buddypress translation files needed to be in the buddypress bp-default theme folder. Actually the translation files should be in bp-languages and when put there everything works fine, despite the admin error.

    also, the file names should be called buddypress-fr.mo not just fr.mo as is suggested in the admin.

    I wasted about 4 hours on this and in the process made confusing posts on the buddypress site asking for help cause the plugin didn’t work, so I hope you can change it so that others don’t have to do the same.

    • some other bugs:

      – when on the buddypress site home, changing the language results in page not found.

      – on the home page the widget drop down menu of languages does not behave properly

      – the admin bar language menu does not exclude missing translations (the widget does, but maybe too much so).

      – sometimes the admin bar language menu just does not work.

      – using the top admin menu, sometimes I get two languages: such as /es/fr/… which obvsiously produces an error

      – changing to english in the admin bar does not get you back to english. (widget does)

      wow, lots of bugs.

    • also, the footer is using the ?lang=de system even though the settings are set to use the /de/ system. so therefore the footer language switching buttons don’t work.

    • and i also get this error when I try to just print data to the screen:

      Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at update.php:2) in /erased-path-data/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/sitepress.class.php on line 4695

  4. I posted all these things in the forum as well, and so far no reply.

    one more major bug, with this plugin installed, when users log out. they are shown a blank page! not good.

  5. Dear Amir:

    Thanks for your attention. Anything we can do to fix our BP installation and launch it? We can not bring live our new website until this issue is fixed.

    Or may we have an estimated time you to fix this and/or publish a new version that will correct this ? So we can scheduled the launch ?


    • Yes. It would help a lot. Actually, instead of donating, you can purchase a support subscription. This way, you’re helping fund the development and also getting yourself quality support.

      Have a look at the commercial support page for more info.

      • Hi Amir,
        I really don’t need the full power of WPML. All i need is to have a little drop down menu that would change the theme’s language. And I don’t need the languages to work via urls (/en/) cookies is fine for my audience. I don’t need multi-language content at all because no one will be translating any of the content. I just need the theme to change language for users if they want it.

        If I bought a single site support ticket could you point me in the right direction to do this supposedly simple task. I will do all the coding, I just need a small helping hand.

        • WPML doesn’t work that way. When you switch languages, it switches the contents too, not just the theme.

          We don’t have any plans for making a mode that works like you are describing.

  6. Huge flaw discovered: If a buddypress group name ends in the same letters and the language definition, VERY strange things happen. For example, if my link is /groups/tennis-open/admin/ then the WPML script cuts out the en/ and you end up with /groups/tennis-opadmin/ which is garbage.

  7. hi I’ve a problem, i use wp3.0 + buddypress + wpml + buddypress multilingual 1.0 with article or post the site is multilingual but buddypress is only in english, how can i translate it? i have .mo and .po file, i try to import .po file in the string translation but noting.
    can you help me?
    thank you

    • pardona, i make an error, now it work but only if I change the lenguage with the widget selector, if I use the top bar notingh

      • I find another problem, when i go to profile edit page in italian i’m redirect at home, while with english version no problem…where is the problem for you?

  8. Hey there,

    I’ve installed the Buddypress ML and I was wondering if it machine translates the navigation? At the moment it stays English whichever language I change it into. Is there a way to do that?


  9. Dear Amir:

    Congratulations for WPML 1.7.9 !

    How long will take the fix or new version of Buddypress Multilingual Plugin to work with WP 3 ? Long wait without notice about this specific.

    We think it should be a priority to make it working again and also adding same funtionability on all blogs in a MULTISITE installation.


  10. Hi.

    I had this issue too. I wanted Buddypress to load the MO file related to the WPML language choosen.
    There’s a workaround by changing Buddypress’ locale.

    add_filter ('buddypress_locale', change_bp_locale'');

    function change_bp_locale () {

    if (ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE == 'somelang') $locale = 'some_lang_code';

    elseif (ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE == 'otherlang') $locale = 'other_lang_code';

    else $locale = 'default_lang_code';

    return $locale;