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update: WPML and W3TC are working fine now. We use W3TC on all our production sites and are getting great results. To read more about what we’re doing, have a look at this tutorial on WPML and W3TC.

First, sorry about sending everyone Chinese SPAM today. It wasn’t actually SPAM, but rather the Chinese version of our blog posts.

The reason this happened is because we activated W3 Total Cache on WPML. It looks like WPML and W3TC don’t play nice together, causing all this mess to happen. We’ve disabled it for now, but we’re not giving up.

Frederick Townes, the person behind W3TC (and a few other things) has agreed to cooperate with us on making the two plugins play together.

It’s very important to us because, as far as we can tell, W3 Total Cache is the only WordPress plugin that combines state-of-the-art cache, CSS+JS compression and Content Delivery Network (CDN) support.

Now, all we need to do is make sure all these powerful features play nice with WPML.

If anyone is into caching and performance, or is just running a busy WordPress site, let us know. We’d love to get help on this, especially for testing on different configurations.

14 Responses to “WPML with W3 Total Cache”

  1. I hope you guys fix problems. Both plugin is a must for me.
    Btw in wp3.0 i hope you give an option like “sidewide translate”. So we will not need translate same sections for each blog / site.

  2. Wonderful! Just this morning I moved a website to a new server and noticed that my current multilanguage plugin doesn’t work at all when W3TC page cacheing is enabled. In a stroke of luck (and some googling), I found WPML, started to evaluate the code, and now I’m reading that you’re cooperating with Frederick, which is great!

  3. Is there any expected delivery date for this please?

    Would be great to know when you expect WPML will work with W3TC.

    Rgds and thanks in advance

  4. Howdy, would love to switch several sites over from other language plugins to WPML to make them work with W3 Total Cache! Any updates about WPML and W3TC compatibility?

  5. Hi amir

    Is there any update of w3tc working with wpml when alias domains are used?
    we are using wpml with this configuration and when w3tc is enabled, only the first domain called is rendered (if it is .com from there on out everything is in German, no access to any other language), and not any of my other domains (.com, .fr,, …) content shows up…

    Any ideas? What am I missing?

    thanks for your help.

  6. Hi, I have both plugins and apparently the problem is still there if you use the subdomain option: my site is and the Spanish version is

    What I think I see is that W3 caches the Home page and you get either both in English or both in Spanish, depending on what it cached last.

    Has a workaround been found or do I need to change to a /es/ folder extension?


  7. Hello, We having some trouble with W3 Total Cache + WPML.
    We have main menu generated from post categories (function wp_list_categories()). Sometimes when opening the page this menu (only the menu) appears not in some other language, not the chosen. Sometimes it’s English (the default language), sometimes italian, spanish, etc…. I tried to disable the functions one by one and it seems to be from the object cache in W3 Total Cache. When object cache is disabled it works OK .You should know about this problem. I can send you the W3 Total Cache debug data if interested.

    • That’s going to be a pretty difficult problem to debug. W3TC is a free plugin and you’re asking for intensive debug work with no pay. I don’t see them spending these resources easily. We use W3TC and we disabled object caching due to conflicts with our e-commerce plugin. I think that object caching is a pretty complex feature and can easily misfire if not configured 100% correctly. Honestly, W3TC is quite advanced and it’s easy to do things wrong with it. Especially due to the fact that documentation is hard to find and it interacts heavily with Apache caching mechanisms (which are barely documented too).