WPML is nearing 80,000 downloads and demand for professional services is surging. We’re looking to create a team of professional developers who can work as consultants and do jobs for other WPML users.

Some common tasks that folks ask us (every day)

  • Help turn themes multilingual
  • Make other plugins work with WPML
  • Resolve configuration problems
  • Debug problems on user servers
  • CSS work to make websites appear nice (multilingual)
  • All sorts of custom functionality

When we just started out, we were very happy to get this kind of consultancy jobs. We’re pretty good at it and could use the income. Now, we just can’t handle the amount of work. We’ve got two developers working on WPML full-time and it’s still not enough.

So, we’re looking to work with top-notch WordPress coders who want to do this work for webmasters. We’re help you by giving all the training and guidance. We’re not going to ask for any commission or other return. Our interest in this is to improve the eco-system around WPML, so that everyone is happier.

Basic requirements

For this kind of work, you really need to be a WordPress expert. This means, having a deep understanding of WordPress API and follow good coding practices.

Then, you also need to know WPML really well. You’ll have to be very familiar with WPML’s tables structure and API functions.

And, we’ll need to see prior work you’re done on multilingual WordPress sites with WPML.

Recommended pay

Of course, we can’t tell you how much you should ask for, but we can certainly tell what we’re asking (as a general guideline).

We charge a flat fee of $150 (USD) / day for consultancy work. This means that clients get the full attention of a developer for 7 hours for $150. Feel free to ask for more or for less, depending on the kind of work that you’re doing, its urgency and other factors.

How to apply

You can leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you. Even better would be to open a new thread in the forum. Mihai, WPML’s lead developer is following the forum and answering questions there. So, you can  jump in, create a thread and get started.

What you’ll get

There’s no formal degree for being a WPML consultant. Instead, we’ll give you all the training you need and add you to our Web Developers page.

We’ll also refer jobs that we get via the forum or by email to you.

Getting jobs from corporate clients can be your way in to other coding and design work, so it’s not a bad thing at all.

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