We’re very happy by the positive response to our previous post about becoming WPML consultants and it’s time to get started.

All paid jobs are posted in our forum. They’re marked as Paid support, just like these:

Getting notifications about new paid support jobs

I recommend that you subscribe to the forum’s Paid support RSS feed. The RSS feed updates instantly, so if you subscribe to it, you have a better chance of responding first (and getting the job).

You can also get a daily email digest of new threads by signing up below.

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How to respond

When you offer your help for paid support jobs, always come prepared.

Make sure that you understand what needs to be done before offering your services. If you’re not sure – ask.

Introduce yourself, explain your experience with WordPress and WPML and describe how you’re going to address the user’s issues. Be as specific as you to improve your chances of getting the job.

Getting paid

Payment for support work will go directly from the client to you. We’re not going to be part of the payment system. However, there are some tips that we can suggest:

  1. Have a verified PayPal account ready.
  2. Publish your fee and payment conditions, so that you can refer folks to that page.
  3. Always agree on the full scope of work before starting jobs – large and small.
  4. Include testing and plan for the unexpected. Remember that your job is not done when you deliver. It’s done when it’s working.

Improving your chances for winning paid support jobs

Folks want to know who you are and what you’ve done before. Most often, they will click on your forum user and check out other posts that you’ve made.

If you only offer paid support help, you’re not giving anyone any insight on your skills. Instead, try to answer questions by other users. There are lots of questions ranging between simple how-to and going to WPML’s internals. When you respond to other’s questions, you build yourself a reputation and an online resume.

For instance, see what Mihai’s profile looks like:

Mihai's posting history in the forum

Just by looking at Mihai’s posting history, you can see he’s a WPML guru. Of course, Mihai is also WPML’s lead developer, so it kinda makes sense…

We want to help you

Some times, when you provide support to others, you’ll hit a brick wall. This can be due to a complicated function in WPML, missing or incorrect documentation or a bug.

We’ll do our best to get things moving, so that you can provide the best service, complete jobs and get paid. If you need us, we suggest that you create a Partner account in ICanLocalize.  You’ll be able to open support tickets and get private replies from ICanLocalize staff (the folks behind WPML).

We can’t fix everything instantly, but we’ll make every effort. If we can’t fix a problem right away, we’ll tell you.