We’re ready with a new version of WPML, but just for brave testers. This new release adds support for WordPress custom post types.

Until now, you could have pages, posts, tags and categories. And that’s it. Anything else would be a hack using custom fields.

WordPress 3.0 opens great possibilities for using as a content management system. Much of it, due to the new custom types and taxonomy. And, WPML 1.7.8 supports that.

So, without further delay, here is the release:


It’s a pretty solid version, powering both our translation service (on WordPress 3.0) and wpml.org (still on WordPress 2.9.2).


This version look much like previous versions, but internal changes are large. Since WordPress has moved to flexible post and taxonomies, WPML had to follow.

  • All custom types are multilingual.
  • >Commercial support for developers, directly by WPML developers.
  • Many bug fixes, including an auto-heal function, in case your site had broken translations before.

To Test with WordPress 3.0

If you’re testing this version with WordPress 3.0, we recommend using a staging site. Don’t update a live site to WordPress 3.0 before testing in a safe environment.

Right now, there are no known issues or open bugs. Please report how it’s going for you (for better or worse) so that we can come out with the official release early next week.

18 Responses to “WPML 1.7.8, RC1”

  1. Great job with the plug-in, this is amazing work! However I am having a huge problem with categories. In English, all of the categories work very well, but in Russian, I get a 404 page on sub-categories. The parent categories work just fine in both languages, but the subs don’t work in Russian. Any help is greatly appreciated…

    • Hi Igor,

      Did you start a thread about this in our forum? Mihai will be in touch with you on Monday and see what’s wrong.

  2. How to enable WPML for custom_post_types?

    What do I need to add to get the WPML box there?

    If that should go automagically, then sth is wrong.

  3. I have one problem with sidebar widgets and custom post types. My widgets that display posts from regular post types work fine but when I create a widget to display custom post types (e.g movies) it works in english but pulls a single page instead in other languages, not the movies custom type. To explain further, in english, my latest movies widget works fine but when I switxh to french the widget displays a link to my contact page

    • I’m using WordPress 3.0 RC1 and this WPML 1.7.8 RC1 released 2 days ago (May 28) which is supposed to support custom post types.

      I assume this was an omission in the latest release and could be fixed easily. Please help!


      • WPML 1.7.8 does translate custom post types. It needs to be configured. Go to WPML->Translation sync and enable the translation for the custom types that you prefer.

        You should see a message about that in the main Admin page in the new WPML information box.

  4. Thanks for your explanation Amir, I must have missed the message on the Admin Page.

    I went to WPML->Translation sync and there I could indeed enable translation for these custom post types!


  5. You guys do a great job with WPML! Thanks for that!
    I got to ask you – what about translated menus?
    Our schedule for WordPress 3.0 support goes like this:

    This week, add support for custom post types.
    Until the end of May, add support for multilingual menus.
    Then, we’d like to go after MultiSite support.

    Are you anywhere near adding the support for menus? I need it so badly…

    best regards!

    • It’s coming next. From the look of it, multilingual menus are going to be a pretty hot feature for WPML. Everything we did with WP3 has taken twice as time as planned. It’s a big shift from WP2.9 and the changes are everywhere.

  6. Thanks a lot for the quick replies. I’ve found a way around all the problems I had. I have one last issue tho, I have custom post types (with translations) grouped into custom taxonomies (also with translations). When I view a custom taxonomy archive in secondary language I get a 404 error, but it works fine in the primary language (english).

    Im thinking the solution would be to either 1) sync custom post type translations to adopt the primary translations taxonomies (in all languages) or 2) add each translation to the translated taxonomy, which I cant seem to figure out how to do and I do think would be tedious.

    Any thoughts?

  7. Hi ?

    is this version compatible with 2.9.2 ?
    I can’t finish the install : empty page in fourth page of wpml install

    Thank you

  8. Updated to 1.7.8 from the wordpress updater, now all javascript/ajax is broken from php warnings : Warning: sprintf() function.sprintf: Too few arguments in /home/***/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/sitepress.class.php on line 1229

    Warning: Wrong parameter count for addslashes() in /home/***/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/sitepress.class.php on line 1230

    • FIXED:

      echo addslashes(sprintf(__("WPML can't run normally. There is an installation or server configuration problem. %sShow details%s",'sitepress')), 
                              '>a href="#" onclick="jQuery(this).parent().next().slideToggle()"<', '>/a<');


      echo addslashes(sprintf(__("WPML can't run normally. There is an installation or server configuration problem. %sShow details%s",'sitepress'), 
                              '>a href="#" onclick="jQuery(this).parent().next().slideToggle()"<', '>/a<'));

      A parentheses was at the wrong spot.