We’re ready with a developers version of WPML that includes multilingual menus. This version looks OK, but we’re still not using it for our own sites.


Different Menu Per Language

Menus now have languages, so that they also have translations – just like everything else in your site.

When visitors go to your site, they’ll see the menu for that language. So, if you have 3 languages, you’ll be able to create 3 menus – one per language.

This way, menu items would be fully localized. You can create custom items in the right language, set individual titles, etc.

Creating Multilingual Menus

It works pretty similar to posts, pages and anything else you’re using in WordPress.

When you create a menu, you choose its language. Then, click on the language links to add translations to other languages.

Each menu translation that you create starts blank. You need to populate it with items in that language.

Note: in the future, we’ll also support multilingual items within the same menu. This means that you can create one menu for all languages and translate the individual items. It’s half working now, so we recommend having an individual menu for each language.

Known Issues

  • taxonomies search
  • ‘Automatically add new top-level pages’ is still a little buggy

As always, we’re looking for your feedback.

We’d like to release this version early next week, so early feedback would be great. Try to test on different themes, not only 2010, so that we can see less obvious issues.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

17 Responses to “Developers Version With Menu Translation”

    • It looks like that the menu items from the default language and URL menu is still using the default language and URL on the translation menu.

      For example, after I translated the menu by adding the translation to the other language, then the pages item in Pages section in Menu admin page are still using the default language, even there are no translation for those pages in the other language, yet.

      • Thanks for your quick feedback Masino. I’m having problems following what the actual problem is. Possible to use some live examples? I’ll send you a note by email if you want to send me the login details.


          • Not sure if you have made any changes in the mean time but at this moment when I look in the admin I see that ‘Menu Ketiga’ is set as the ‘main navigation’ in Indonesian and ‘Third menu’ is its English translation.
            Thus, the Indonesian page http://www.example.org/wp30/ looks right for me but the English page http://www.ecample.org/wp30/en/ does not show a menu since there aren’t any menu items under ‘Third menu’.

            If ‘Third menu’ didn’t exist WPML would have displayed the Indonesian menu on the English page but translating the menu item ‘Sekilas’ to the English version ‘About’.

            Let me know if this makes sense or you want us to talk more about how it works.

            • I see now. Perhaps since I tested for the first time in my localhost the menu item in Indonesian still appears when I added new translation to English. After I upload the whole sript and database to live server, then everything seemed okay now. Thanks, Mihai.

  1. Works fine for me, even if it needs some graphic fixes to be clean.

    It is not a blocker one but there is a bug : there already was a menu on my website. When I installed WPML, I saw nothing about translation in the menus administration.

    So I tried to create a new one, and then the translation options appeared. But the menu that already existed has disappeared from this time…

    Another point : I am not sure that the synchronisation of the “Theme location” option works very fine, it sometimes resets when I edit a menu.

    Thanks !

  2. Another issue : the refresh of the items to add to a menu does not work fine when I add a translation of a menu. I have to go elsewhere and come back to see the pages available in the good language.

    • Well, new details because this is not exactly the problem : the good items available for adding in the menu only works with the first menu which is displayed when you choose your language.

      When you click on the tab of a another menu, the items are refreshed but in the default language, not the choosen language…

  3. Thanks for all this feedback Cyrille.
    I’ll be looking into each of issues that you mentioned.

  4. Cyrille, I need some more details on the last issue you mentioned since it’s not very clear to me.
    Can you please add some more details or even better show me where this is happening so I can have a better picture? I’ll send you an email where you can send me WP login details if you want. We can also discuss this on Skype and I can send you a dev version with some of the issues above fixed so you can test it.

    Thanks a lot

  5. I have problem whit old many. I uninstall previous version of plug in and install this. I’ll have site on 2 languages (English(primary), Serbian). I made many before install plug in and after i install it i can customize just Serbian many (new one). I can’t edit English many. I delete all old manes, and make now ones whit new names, but still on my pages old English many sowed. I try to find problem i data base, but i can’t find old many. I reinstall wordpress (cause i still making my site, and no have any info on it) and now all work nice.

    Shortly i think that old many stay in db when I install new plug in and after that i can’t edit or delete it. Try to look for this error in your code.