Many folks who use WPML look at WordPress as a CMS, not just a blogging tool. Pär Thernström‘s CMS Tree Page View makes using WordPress as CMS a lot easier.

CMS Tree Page View shows WordPress pages as a tree, instead of a (useless) list. You can expand and collapse branches and move pages around. It’s a very useful feature if your site is made up of pages and not only blog posts.

Until just last week CMS Tree Page View had no concept of language. All pages were created the same. Pär and I talked and decided to change this. By adding a language selector to the Tree Page and applying the standard WordPress filters, CMS Tree Page View now works multilingual.

You can choose which language to arrange pages in and the pages tree will include only pages in that language.

This change is not released yet and you’re invited to test it. Grab the development version from here:


Place in your plugins directory, unzip and activate.

Once you do that, you’ll get a new menu under Pages, allowing you to order pages as a tree. This is the original demo video for the plugin (without the language selector yet):

We’d love to get your feedback about CMS Tree Page View. You can leave comments here or directly in Pär’s site.

Just Pages?

For now, CMS Tree Page View works on pages only. Pär says that soon, there will also be a version that supports custom types.

EDIT: This Beta version already supports custom post types!

13 Responses to “Multilingual CMS Page Tree”

  1. I uncompressed the plugin and activate it but nothing shows under the Pages menu.
    I have a local WordPress 3.0 installation in Spanish language and WPML 1.8.0. Do plugins care about the wordpress base language?
    I don’t know what I can do to fix it, I wish I could try this plugin out. Any hint?

  2. You have to choose whether to show it: “On dashboard” or “In menu” from “Settings” -> “CMS Tree Page View” menu.

    In order to display it under “Pages” menu, then you have to choose “In menu”.

  3. Wow! great plugin, can’t wait for the WPML aware version that support custom post types too. We use WordPress for CMS like purposes all the time so this plugin comes in really handy!

  4. Hi this plug-in is great. however, I have a question and I wonder whether some people can help me. While CMS Tree Page View can order regular posts according to different language. it didn’t work with a custom post type post.

    I’m using PageLines’s Platform and use their “features” custom post type.
    I can use WMPL to translate them; however, CMS Tree Page View sees them all in “English” which should be in 2 different languages, any tips? Thanks!

    • You best check this with Par, the author of CMS Page Tree. I’m using this plugin on all our sites, but our custom types are not hierarchical so I can’t notice this problem.