I want to thank everyone who tested WPML 2.0 Beta 1 and reported issues. We now have both Mihai and Srdjan working full-time on debugging and cleaning bugs, getting ready for the next beta.

The first round of testing went great. We uncovered some painful issues and are now hard at work fixing them. Bugs came in all shapes and forms and having so many people testing helped surface them quickly.

Where we are now

Translation controls are alive now (in the development version). Both legacy mode of manually adding translation and via the new Translation Editor and working.

We’ve completed testing with Templatic’s E-Commerce framework, ProPhoto and VivaTheme themes. Right now, we’re going through Woo’s Canvas. These tests were incredibly important as they surfaced some issues that only advanced themes would show. I’m hoping that once we get everything working with these themes, we’ll see much fewer issues with other themes.

Our goal is to make WPML 100% compatible with any premium theme. For this, WPML supports XML configuration files that tell it what needs translation. Some themes have their special ways for doing things and going through complex themes expands the envelope of what we can support.

The next release – public

We’re planning to release the next beta in a few days. This time, WPML 2.0 will be solid enough for public release and I’ll post the download link here.

So, thanks again for everyone who helped test the first beta. From folks who are joining just now, I want to ask a few more days. There’s no point in spending time finding and reporting bugs that others have already mapped. We’ll have a brand new set of bugs for everyone to enjoy in the next beta 😉

Teaser – exciting news on WPML’s pro-translation

It’s all still in the works, but we’re working to bring you the next-big-thing in professional translation for WordPress sites.

I can’t disclose details yet, but you’ll see better translations, at faster turn-around times and for lower costs. This revolution might cause distress to some translators, but overall, it’s good. When things evolve and improve, competition strengthens and everyone enjoys. Well, almost everyone.

5 Responses to “Beta 1 Closed, Beta 2 Coming Soon”

  1. Thank you very much for all your hard work, i am truly waiting this, i wanna see how well it works with instinct e-commerce plugin, multilingual is a must in any e-commerce site, and you are giving us the way to go. Thanks again 😉

  2. I’m looking forward to WPML being compatible with Templatic’s E-Commerce Themes. Last news was from october 26th, did you make some progress since then?

  3. “i wanna see how well it works with instinct e-commerce plugin, multilingual is a must in any e-commerce site, and you are giving us the way to go. Thanks again 😉 ”

    +1 for this comment.

    Any idea where the integration of the 2 plugins is at?

    • We did some work with ProPhoto team on WPML compatibility, but I’m not sure that it all went to the released version of the theme. Want to check with them and see if they’re still interested in verifying compatibility between their theme and WPML? We’re always happy to work with theme authors.