After long delays and very intensive work by Mihai and Srdjan, WPML 2.0 is getting ready.

Don’t get over excited, we’re still talking about a Beta release, and it’s not even going to be a public beta.

There are already about a dozen folks who are going to help test WPML 2.0. Among them, you’ll find big names (we’ll announce when it’s out and public).

The reason this beta is private is because WPML 2.0 is a huge shift from the current versions. The translation interface is brand new, translators management is new, translation dashboard is new, you get the picture – lots of new stuff.

By keeping to a limited list of testers, we hope to have a smooth testing cycle with detailed issue reports and quick closures. The list is still open and will stay open until we get started, early next week.

If you want to join, leave a message and Mihai will email you the Beta release, along with a change-list and detailed notes.

14 Responses to “Finally, WPML 2.0 Getting Ready”

  1. I’d like to get on the list, too 🙂
    A client is eagerly awaiting it and I can assist with backups and smoothing any issues.

  2. Hi Guys

    Please put me on the list as well.
    I would like to see this plugin grow and evolve – it is such a central thing for wordpress in a multilingual environment.

    best regards

  3. Hey there. Great project here. You guys have done fantastic work. Quick question.. Does the Views plugin exists already or is that still in the works?

    • The Views plugin is still in the intentions stage.

      We’re hoping to get many more translation clients for WPML and we can afford to hire more developers for cool things like that.

  4. Okay, thanks for the quick reply. I’d love to talk a bit more about your business model/development budget at a later date. I’ll DM you on twitter.. Thanks again.