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I admit it. I’m a stats addict. Every day, I go over the list of new clients and see where they’re coming from. For a few months now, most new clients are coming from affiliate links. Today, I went one step farther and checked where these links are placed. Big surprise!

Our affiliates write their own landing pages in In these pages, they tell about their experience with ICanLocalize and how using our translation service has helped them.

For example, have a look at this page (English) or this page (Portuguese).

Reading a personal recommendation from someone who’s actually using our service goes a long way. It’s far better than anything we could say about ourselves. When we read these recommendations, we often find things that we didn’t realize, about our own translation service.

Looking at which pages link to these affiliate recommendation pages brought me to the real gold. The most successful recommendation pages talk about how to run a multilingual WordPress site.

Telling Your Story Leads to Best Conversions

An authentic story, written in your own words can do wonders. It’s way better than any flashing marketing material that we can throw at you.

We’ve found that conversion rates can be as high as 10% when coming from personal recommendation pages. If you’ve ever done affiliate marketing, you’ll know that this is an extremely high number. Of course, we’re also talking about qualified and targeted traffic, so it makes sense.

Free Test Translation

We want to help you write your own story. If you only hear it from us and repeat, it’s not going to be half as good as experiencing our system and writing about it.

To do this, you can have a free test translation, of up to 100 words. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to see how the system works.

You’ll be able to choose a translator, send contents to translation and receive it. In the process, you’ll learn how our translation system works and can tell about it to others.

Tips for Placing a Recommendation Page

Like any sort of promotional material, it’s all about placement.

The important thing is to place the page where people expect to find it and where it’s relevant. For example, if we placed it on the home page of, we’ll get tons of traffic, but it’s not relevant for 99.999% of the readers. However, putting it in the technology section, will get much less traffic, but better conversions.

If you’re a blogger, running multilingual is an attraction. You can create a page that tells your story and how you went multilingual. Place a link to it next to the language switcher and you should see lots of qualified traffic.

Of you’re a web developer, you might want to place a link to the promotional page in your portfolio, where you announce you can build multilingual sites.

Help Yourself, Help Us and Help WPML

For every jobs that we get from your affiliate link, you will earn 30% commission. Of course, in doing so, you help us and you also drive more resources into WPML’s development. Everyone comes out happy.

Want to Get Started?

It’s pretty easy:

  1. Create an account in ICanLocalize. Then, click on the Affiliate tab to get your affiliate link.
  2. Write a page about WPML in your site.
  3. Log in to your ICanLocalize account and create a support ticket. Tell us about your promotional page.
  4. Set up professional translation, send your test page for translation and we’ll pay for it.
  5. Complete writing your review page and watch your balance growing.