In case you didn’t know, WPML has a twin brother. It’s a Drupal module called Translation Management. WPML wants to be more like Translation Management, who’s mature and bug-free.

Issue tracking system in Drupal

In the Drupal world, plugins are called modules. Each module comes with its own issue tracking system, where issues are assigned, tracked and handled.

When fellow developers report issues in for Drupal modules, they always include specific information on what’s causing the problem, how to reproduce it and often, a patch.

As a result, Translation Management is maturing rapidly. You don’t get to hear complaints like:

we’ve had this problem since version 1.3 and it still exists!!!

Instead, every issue is fixed before every minor release. Yup, you hear that right. Issues are not carried from one release to the other.

The “secret” to closing issues is being able to handle them. We want to close all bugs, just that we often cannot. Getting complete reports, with full debug information and patches would help speed things up enormously.

Remember Canonical Plugins?

Some time ago, Automattic folks suggested to make some plugins “Canonical”. It’s exactly what we would have needed. The problem is, it’s not here. So, we’re thinking about taking matters to our own hands and setting up the issue tracking tools for WPML.

Now, I’m putting it to a vote. If we get enough response from developers willing to lend a hand, we’ll set it up for WPML immediately.

Do You Want to Contribute?

Please leave a comment with answers to:

  1. I will follow up on issues that I report and help test fixes.
  2. I can include code references and suggest patches when I report bugs.
  3. I know how to use Subversion (SVN) to create .patch files.

Here’s our pledge:

We will close and handle all bugs that are reported using an issue tracking system. All bugs will be closed before any minor release.

Quick update: we’re giving Google Code a try. Here is WPML project tracking on Google Code.

When you have new issues, open them there. Let’s see how it works!

6 Responses to “Want to Contribute Patches and Help Improve WPML?”

  1. The project on Google Code is looking great!

    Are you not worried now that you have too many support platforms to work from? Or are you planning something else?

    Not sure if I can help with all of the things you mention.
    Number 1 speaks for itself, that is a Yes!

    Three is a definite no and two I am not too sure either.

    • Our paid support is intended for folks who need our attention and don’t want to stand in any queue.

      The forum is a community thing. We’re hardly active there (except me, deleting SPAM entries). Many threads in the forum are how-to questions between developers. I’m very happy that it’s thriving as this is the main hub for users to communicate.

      Until now, we didn’t have an issue tracking system. The forum, with so many how-to questions, is certainly not it.

      The Google Code project may help us track specific issues. The bar for creating issues is high. We need complete information on bugs. Incomplete issues cannot be handled.

      It’s pretty much the same as on Drupal. There are the groups (like our forum) and issue tracking (like the new Google Code project). Of course, commercial entities (e.g., Acquia) are giving paid support too.

    • I’m happy to see that people are planning to use the issue tracking.

      In order to be effective, we really need clear and reproducible issues.