The next major leap for WPML would be interface to CAT (computer automated translation) tools. These include Trados, Wordfast and other professional translation programs.

As WPML 2.0 is getting ready, we’re already looking forward to the next big leap. If you’re using teams of translators, or a translation service, they surely care about working efficiently. CAT tools are the way. They allow cutting down translation time and improving translation accuracy.

Translator who use CAT tools can see how the same expression was already translated before and produce consistent work. They work faster and produce better results.

WPML 2.0 makes it very easy to send content to translation. WPML 2.1 will complete the picture by simplifying the translation.

Tell us how you and your clients use CAT tools

We want to know how you and your clients are managing the translation work. The more we know, the better we can build it for you.

Take your time, send a few emails to your clients and help us get as much data as possible.

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3 Responses to “Professional Translation Tools”

  1. These include Trados, Wordfast and other professional translation programs.

    I hope you consider google translate too. I know its not professional yet but will be in future. I generally prefer human translators for important sections but problem is hard to find good turkish->english,turkish->german,turkish->russian translators online :-/

    • We’re not planning to add an API for machine translation.

      If you need good professional translators between German, English and Turkish, feel free to contact us. We do a lot of work between these languages too, including on WordPress sites.

  2. I would build the plugin to have the option of using CAT via a simple click but the translated page should be saved as a draft.

    The other feature would be to have an author designated for each language. Once a new article is created through CAT the author is automatically notified to review and finalize the translation.

    I am reviewing WPML for a new WP site. Thanks for the plugin.