We’re taking advantage of the relative quiet of this time of the year, to push out a major update to the support system running on wpml.org. Tomorrow morning, from around 7:30AM to 9:30AM, CET, wpml.org will be in maintenance mode.

At this time, the entire site, as well as the support forum and downloads will not be available.

We promise that this temporary inconvenience is worth it. After this upgrade, you will enjoy a brand new support system, which will allow us to serve you better. I’ll write all about it, as soon as it’s live.

One Response to “Planned maintenance for wpml.org tomorrow, European morning”

  1. Will you post, when things are back up and running?

    I am trying to add websites to my account, and having trouble updating the plug-in. “Update package not available”.

    Assuming this is related to your systems update?