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In previous versions of WPML, we did not correctly catch strings for widget titles. As a result, our support team suggested a workaround. The workaround involved getting these strings via the ‘admin strings’ mechanism. Now that the original problem is resolved in WPML 3.2.3, you may see the same string appearing twice. In this post, we explain how to delete the duplicate and make sure that widget titles are translated correctly.

This video shows what’s happening and how to update your strings:

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If you previously had problems translating widget titles and you had to go to WPML->String Translation->Admin strings to locate them, this is no longer necessary. We recommend to delete these ‘admin_text’ strings. Otherwise, you will see the same sting appearing twice. This can be confusing when translating.

Watch the video to see what was the previous work-around and how to switch back to normal widgets translation.

Please note that if you don’t do this change, your sites will continue working normally. We are suggesting to do this cleanup to remove unneeded strings and prevent confusion in updating strings in the future.