WPML team is currently working with leading translation services on the technical integration into WPML and these services are already available for you to select directly from the WordPress admin.

This week we are happy to announce the recent partnership between WPML and Lionbridge, one of the largest localization companies. This integration means WPML users are now able to choose Lionbridge as their preferred translation service, select and submit content for global translation, and track the status of jobs, all without having to leave the WordPress environment.


At the same time, current Lionbridge clients will be able to purchase WPML and access to the previously mentioned benefits to translate their website in a smooth way.

Our clients are looking for a single platform to manage all of their translation needs with a common global brand voice,” said Marc Osofsky, Lionbridge’s SVP and General Manager of Global Offerings, referring to WPML and Lionbridge integration.

How does it work?

To use integration with Lionbridge, you need to install WPML’s Translation Management plugin (you can find it in our Multilingual CMS and Multilingual CMS Lifetime packages). You also need to register your site to enable professional translation.

Once Translation Management is installed and activated, go to WPML->Translation Management->Translators. There, under Available Translation Services select Lionbridge as the translation service that you want to use.

To learn more about Lionbridge and how to connect it to your WPML, visit: https://wpml.org/translation-service/lionbridge/