Today we are happy to announce the recent integration between WPML and Transifex, a leading translation management system.


Transifex offers a robust, collaborative translation process where translators and reviewers can work together in a translation management system and leverage built-in features like Translation Memory and a Translation Glossary. Transifex also provides flexibility, enabling the use of XLIFF files for translations, in addition to the new option of delivering translations back into the system thanks to WPML.

Transifex’s mission is to make localization available to everyone,” said Diego Búrigo Zacarão, head of Dev Ops and Architecture at Transifex, “and our partnership with WPML demonstrates our commitment to support web publishers in order to make multilingual web experiences possible, in the way they want.”

Transifex serves a wide range of businesses, from startups to large companies, although most of their main clients would be considered mid-market companies.

They  provide online support for all clients and dedicated Customer Success managers to their larger customers. They have staff in Europe and the U.S., and their Customer Success team is located across both continents.

For WordPress site owners interested in learning more about how to implement a multilingual site, Transifex is sponsoring a joint webinar with WPML speaker Amit Kvint, Compatibility Team Leader, on Wednesday, July 12 at 9 am PDT. Interested participants can register here to attend the in-depth online discussion.

To learn more about the new WPML-Transifex solution, please visit https://wpml.org/translation-service/transifex/.