We are very happy to announce WPML’s latest integration with Espresso Translations, a top-quality professional translation agency.


Espresso Translations was founded in 2011 by two bilingual translators, Niki, a native English speaker, and Danilo, a native Italian speaker. Ever since, they have known only success, and the agency rapidly grew into a global network of trusted professional linguists.

Translators are carefully selected to ensure that high-quality standards are maintained every time. They are highly experienced at translating all kinds of documents, from medical to legal, marketing, and financial. They have even done a few love letters!

When it comes to your website, Espresso Translations offers:

  • Affordable translation services to any language within any deadline
  • Meaningful translation: translate your brand as a whole, not just the text
  • Correct adaptation of words and figures of speech to the local culture
  • Client-friendly atmosphere
  • Signing of NDAs in order to protect your confidential information

The relationships between Espresso Translations and its clients are considered to be partnerships. Its client support includes everything from defining the translation methodology, to translation writing style and tone of voice, to post-translation services.

“Our own company website was built using the WordPress platform and WPML; thus, we know it inside-out. We can support clients from both a linguistic and technical point of view by helping them to express their brand concept and values in the most effective possible way.”

Danilo Coviello, Co-founder and Project Manager

If you are already using WPML and are interested in translating with Espresso Translations, follow the instructions for translating WordPress sites with Espresso Translations. On the other hand, if you are new to WPML, feel free to purchase the Multilingual CMS package and get started.