We are happy to announce the recent integration between WPML and GPI, a leading translation agency.

GPI (Globalization Partners International) was founded in 2001 by a team of language, technology, project management, and business professionals.

Apart from working with over 4,200 translators and interpreters, GPI also has copywriters, web design and development specialists, localization project managers, and engineers, all networked to assist clients with their website translation projects and any technical issues they may have beyond the translation task.

As a member of GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) and the American Translators Association, GPI currently supports over 100 languages and 100 disciplines, using technology as a tool to deliver quality service on a global basis.

GPI offers 14 main steps to website localization:

  • Review & analysis of source website assets
  • Best-practice multilingual workflow based on CMS
  • Project kick-off
  • Subject-matter training and research
  • Content cultural-correctness assessment
  • Glossary and style-guide development
  • Search engine optimization – keyword research and localization
  • Transcreation and copywriting
  • Localization of any graphics
  • Localization of any documents
  • Localization of any multimedia
  • Basic online quality-assurance and testing
  • Search-engine marketing
  • Launch language versions

If you are already a WPML user and are interested in using GPI for translation, follow the instructions for translating WordPress sites with GPI. If you are new to WPML, feel free to purchase the Multilingual CMS package and get started.