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Hello, everyone, Dario here, WPML documentation manager. We just published our new Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance page and I am looking for feedback.

The page is still missing some information, which we are already gathering and will update it soon. These sections are marked as work-in-progress.

However, there is a fair chance we didn’t include some crucial information that helps you to:

  • Understand what data we gather and how it is stored and used.
  • Update/write your WPML-powered site’s privacy policy so that your site is compliant with GDPR.

So, if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions related to our Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance, please write to us using this contact form.


10 Responses to “Preparing for GDPR and our new Privacy Policy”

    • Hi, Josip!

      I am not sure I understood your question correctly but I think you are asking if the WPML plugin is compliant with GDPR. The answer is, yes, of course. Additionally, WPML 4.0 is to be released very soon and there will be a prompt and action needed asking you if you want to share with us the information about which theme and plugins your site is using. So, this will be shared with us only if you explicitly give us your permission to do this. Otherwise, it will not collect any data whatsoever.

  1. Hi Dario,

    Thanks for your answer. I assume the GDPR compliance also goes for add-ons like Gravity Forms Multilingual? So all WPML plugins will be compliant with GDPR and won’t collect any data without explicit consent? From front- or backend?
    Kind regards,


    • Hi, Viv, my pleasure, really! 🙂

      OK, so this is a good question because I see I need to add this to our Privacy Policy, so let me clarify this.

      WPML add-ons like Gravity Forms Multilingual are like “glue plugins”, they allow WPML to work with certain plugins. But they don’t specifically perform the duties of these plugins. They will not even work without the main plugin activated on the site.

      So, in this example, Gravity Forms Multilingual does not in any way send or receive data – this is still done through the main Gravity Forms plugin. So, if you are interested in how this plugin (or any other connected one) deals with GDPR and similar regulations, you will have to ask the authors of the plugin (or a theme) in question.

  2. Dear service team:

    you write in your gdpr page the following:

    “WPML cookies – these are used by our WPML plugin to identify the preferred user’s language as our site is multilingual.”

    Please tell me, the exact names of this cookies in use by wpml as well please what they do, that i can mention them at cookies policy & insert them into a plugin

    thank you very much

  3. One additional point,

    could i use as your client, some of your ” Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance” page text for my page too ?
    I like the easy & clear explanatory notes there

    would be great – thanks in advance

    • Hi, Martin!

      Thank you for the kind words. I wouldn’t recommend simply copy-pasting the parts of our “Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance” page (not sure if Google could mark it as duplicate content, for example). Instead, you could use it as a guide and just use your own words.

      Actually, our policy page was inspired by the one that WordPress provides now if you go to the Settings -> Privacy page in your WP admin. This feature was added to WP core in the 4.9.6 release.