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WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor aims to make translation work a lot faster and more accurate. One of the features that it offers is “machine translation”. This feature relies on paid translation engines and we’ve started charging for heavy usage of it.

When you use Google Translation on the web, it’s free, but you can only use it for one piece of text at a time. To use machine translation in bulk, Google and Microsoft charge a small fee.

Until now we managed to absorb the cost of this fee. However, the usage of WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor and, especially, the automatic translation feature is on the rise and we have to start charging for using it.

New sites that start using WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor receive a free quota of 2000 words. This is roughly 5 pages with a medium amount of content. If you use the automatic translation feature here and there, you’re not going to reach this quota very soon. When you use it to translate entire websites, it will run out after a few pages.

Then, if you want to get more machine translation (which we pay for), you can buy tiny, medium or large chunks of quota:

  • Personal: $0.99 – 1500 words ($0.667 / 1000 words)
  • Business: $9.99 – 20000 words ($0.5 / 1000 words)
  • Publisher: $49.99 – 150000 words ($0.333 / 1000 words)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own machine translation API key?

Sorry, but no. Our application runs on our own servers (hosted), so we can only use our own keys.

Can I use a free translation engine, like Deepl?

Deepl is excellent, but doesn’t currently give the language coverage and availability that we need. Additionally, Deepl isn’t staying free forever.

Are you planning to mix between different machine translation engines?

According to our tests, if we stay with one provider, we get better results. Different engines offer some temporary advantages in some language pairs, but this fluctuates.

Feedback? Questions? Ideas?

We created the automatic translation feature for your benefit and we want to make sure that you enjoy using it. Please leave your feedback so we can get back to you.

How can we make WPML better for you?

Share your thoughts and comments about our plugin, documentation, or videos by booking a Zoom call with Agnes, our Client Advocate. Your feedback matters and helps us improve.

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10 Responses to “Machine Translation Quotas for WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor”

  1. I just wish that WPML would have remained being a plugin offering the functionality to make sites multilingual.

    All this nonsense of integrated translations only makes the plugin more unstable every day. And what about the people that don’t need all of that? We’re stuck with a heavy plugin that only slows us down.

    Look how slow the WPML website is!

    Maybe it is time for a Lite version that completely gets rid of all the stuff that has been added over the years?

    That is my wish for Christmas this year!

    • Actually, WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor, including all its features, is not running on our site. It’s all running on our server, so there is no load and zero performance impact for your sites.

      Right now, we are dealing with a few performance issues that are related to last minute changes between WordPress 5.x versions. The rapid changes in WordPress required rapid changes from WPML, other plugins and many themes, so there are issues to deal with. We’re doing our absolute best to resolve everything before the holidays.

      We knew that this could happen. This is why we recommended to everyone to hold off with the WordPress update until after the holidays, but we know that some sites are updated automatically.

      Happy holidays to you too!

  2. When our in-house translators are trying to use the machine translation it asks them to buy credits. Does each translator have to buy their own credits?

  3. Hello there.
    First. Cannot join your newsletter from the bottom page. There is a bug.

    Second. In advanced, Is the price 9.99 for each language and is the payment for month, year, ever?

    • The additional quota that we offer for automatic translation doesn’t expire (it’s not per month/year/each) and it’s not limited per language. You can use it for any language pair and for as long as you want, until you use up all the quota.

  4. Please make it clear in the product description that the machine translation feature will cost extra. The payment should be linked with our customer ID and not lead to a website outside of

    One more thing. The tax is added automatically, but it is incorrect.