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We’ve made some big changes to WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor and also updated the pricing for automatic translation. The new pricing aims to help clients translate everything in their sites always.

First, the pricing change. Previously, we sold automatic translation as on-off quotas. The new automatic translation pricing is based on monthly subscriptions.

Your old quota for automatic translation remains valid. The new pricing applies to new quota that you need.

We should have communicated this upcoming change earlier. We’ve been working on it for months and we had plenty of time to write it in advance. We were so caught up in development and testing that we forgot to write earlier.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave your comments so that I can reply to you.

16 Responses to “New Pricing for Automatic Translation”

    • It’s a separate subscription from your WPML account. You can use it for as many websites as you want. Once you set up a subscription for automatic translation, you can add more sites to use it. The reason we separated it into a separate system is to allow one person to build the site (the developer) and others to pay for the automatic translation (the clients) that they need.

  1. Oh wow I don’t like that at all. I very rarely need automatic translations, so for me it doesn’t make sense to have a monthly subscription. As for clients I create websites for, it’s usually a one of translation with vary rare changes on their sites, so it doesn’t make sense for them either. I really liked the one off bundle I could purchase before.

      • I guess that will have to be the workaround.

        So do the number of words you received from a subscription expire every month or do remain active? Example: if I need to translate a website that has 12.000 words, I would need the 15.000 word subscription. After translation I have 3.000 words left. Does it mean that the next month I have 3.000 + 15.000 = 18.000 words? Or do I loose the 3.000 words and I only have 15.000?

        Also, the pricing page says “The plan will automatically adjust depending on how much translation you actually use.” Does it mean that when I didn’t use anything in a certain month, the plan auto adjust and doesn’t charge me anything? Or does it adjust to the lowest subscription of 5.00 words? Or…?

        • The number of words in the subscription doesn’t pass from one month to the other. They’re good for that month. But please keep in mind that the basic subscription step is $4.98, so it’s not a very large sum or quota anyway.

          The plan auto-adjusts between $4.98 to $19.98 but doesn’t go to zero (or above $19.98). If you’re not using it at all, you can always stop the subscription.

          • I am really very unhappy with that. This isn’t created with your customers in mind and I don’t see how this “aims to help clients translate everything in their sites always”. If that really was the purpose then an automatic ‘renewal’ when all words are used was good enough. To me this feels more like it aims to help WPML to make more money by selling subscriptions that mostly go unused.

            I believe most websites are fairly small and static. They get a one off initial translation and only small updates after that. For those websites, a subscription is useless. You could at least give your customers a choice to get a subscription or buy pre-paid blocks. Please consider that option.

            • This depends. Actually, we have statistics from around 1 million websites and the full picture is more complex. There are many small websites out there. There are also many websites that receive frequent updates. We’ve noticed that almost all websites have the same behavior. The initial content is fully translated but new content rarely gets translated. Our aim in this project is to make it easier for sites to keep their translation always up-to-date over time.

              Another thing that we’ve noticed is that developers who build small sites, typically build many small sites. We have many clients with dozens and hundreds of multilingual sites. So, indeed, once you’re done with one website there isn’t much work on it. However, very soon, you build another website and another. Our subscription for automatic translation is good for all your sites and not per site.

              And we understand that there are also clients who build one small multilingual website once in a while. For them, the best use would be to disable the subscription for automatic translation when they don’t need it.

              I hope this helps.

              • Thank you for explaining Amir.

                I am somewhere in the middle of your examples. I am a developer but only a few website per year need to be translated. In most cases, I use a translation service as that will always give better results then machine translations. These websites get translated once and that’s it.

                No matter if you translate one or many websites and do or don’t need translation updates, the subscription model with monthly expiration has a negative outcome for all WPML users. It doesn’t matter which subscription level you have nor if you are able to pause the subscription, by the end of the month all remaining words are gone. It would already help if the quota you paid for remains valid for at least 2 or 3 months.

                For users who need machine translations once in a while it’s better if you could just buy a block of words as soon as you need them. Even if such block would have a higher price and maybe even when it expires after a year.

                I hope you will consider returning that alternative.


                • Thanks for this feedback. It’s a new system. We’re evaluating it now and we have a ton of data from many websites. We can always revise and make changes. We’ll see how this works after a few weeks and we’ll make any adjustments that make sense (allow more people to use and benefit from it).

  2. Why not have a pay-as-you-use / credit card on file setup.

    No manual having to enable/disable, and if I don’t use any at all, then $0 charge. If I translate just 1 word, then $4.95 (or more if more words) is charged that month.

    It’s like image optimization services (usually work on credits system though) — if I have no images uploaded that month, I don’t pay (i.e. use any credits).

    If I own/run a site with multiple authors but no one authors anything new in October, no charge in October; if 20 new articles, then maybe I get charged $19.98 that month, but at least I’m happy to not have to babysit my subscription.

    • Thanks for your feedback. It’s a new system that we just launched. We’re getting feedback from clients and if we see that what we designed needs update, we’ll certainly do it. We’ll let this run “as is” for a few weeks, see how people use it in practice and then make any adjustments needed.

      The $19.98 price step is for a huge amount of content (100,000 words). For most accounts, the basic step of $4.98 will cover everything they need. We know this from our huge statistics of thousands of client sites.

  3. Hi,

    1- You need to add an option to select what translate engine we would like to use it.
    Because Google is good for English to some other languages but Yandex is better for Russian.
    We should be able to select the engine, Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.

    2- It would be great if we can use our own translate API and pay nothing to you since we paid to you already for the plugin! In the company, we have paid google translate API (, to be used such a process. But you do not allow us to enter our API. We have to use yours, which we don’t know what king of engine you use and we have to pay you monthly !!!

    3- If you keep working in this way, I mean making important changes in the last minutes, changing the pricing model suddenly without getting feedbacks. You will be losing the market quickly. Competitors are growing. There must be a reason for that!

  4. WPML does not work with DIVI 4. When are you going to solve this very serious problem?

    • Hi Jose,
      We are working on it, this morning one of our dev managed to find a fix for their WooCommerce Builder for example, we are managing the rest of the issues. Thanks.

      • Hi Marine,

        I should have finished a project last week and we are almost at the end of the year and you still haven’t solved the problem of translating the new DIVI 4 Theme Builder. It’s terrible.
        I’m not happy with WPML. 🙁

        Jose A.