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A few weeks ago, we changed the pricing of automatic translation, moving from one-time payments to subscriptions. We received a lot of feedback and we realized that our new subscription plans are problematic. Today, we’re changing the pricing of automatic translation to address these issues.

2000 Words Free Every Month

Before our move to subscription payments, we offered 2000 free words for each new website that you create. Now, it’s even better. You’ll receive 2000 words every month (not only one-time). If you’re using automatic translation for small sites and only need to translate small texts, we don’t charge you. For 0-2000 words per month, as long as your WPML account is valid, there’s no payment.

A Discount of $2.98 To All Pricing Steps for Sites with Valid WPML Accounts

We decided to apply the saving to all payment steps. Any site that has a valid WPML account now receives a discount of $2.98 per month for automatic translation. This means that the first 2000 words are free. The next step (up to 5000 words) costs only $2, and so on.

How to Get the New Better Pricing for Existing Subscriptions

Do you already have an automatic translation subscription? In this case, you need to cancel it first and then activate one of the new plans.

To cancel your current subscription, go to the WPML -> Translation Management page and click the Translation Tools tab. Click the Details button in the top-right corner, and then the Cancel subscription link.

Finally, to set up a new subscription, again on the Translation Tools tab, click the Details button in the top-right corner. Follow the prompts to set up your new subscription.

How to Use Automatic Translation

First, you need to use WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor to have access to automatic translation. You can translate individual jobs automatically from inside the translation editor. Or, you can auto-translate entire batches of jobs. Have a look at our documentation for automatic translation for the full details.

More Editor Improvements Coming Soon

Besides working on our payment system, we’re getting closer to releasing significant improvements to WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor. In the coming weeks, we will gradually roll-out features that you’ve been waiting for like:

  • You will be able to translate any text in any document. This includes shortcode attributes, CSS values, URLs and more..
  • You can have an empty translation for sentences.
  • You can merge sentences and translate them together. This is especially useful for sentences that include dots and other punctuation that causes our editor to split when not needed.


There’s no need to install or update anything to receive these changes. They are running on WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor. Please let us know your thoughts, questions or concerns and we’ll get back to you.

How can we make WPML better for you?

Share your thoughts and comments about our plugin, documentation, or videos by booking a Zoom call with Agnes, our Client Advocate. Your feedback matters and helps us improve.

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25 Responses to “Free 2000 Words per Month of Automatic Translation”

    • We are currently updating the translation to German and other languages. Do you need help with the instructions?

  1. That’s awesome news. I am glad you listened to the feedback. Thank you!

    The thing I don’t like though is that I have to sign up with credit card details to get the free words. Why is that? It would make more sense to automatically give the 2000 words and only require credit card signup if you need a paid subscription.

    How does this work now if multiple sites share the same quota? Let’s say I have my ‘main site’ that holds the subscription. And I connect 5 other sites to share the quota on the main sites.

    Is that single subscription on the main site enough to also receive the 2000 free words for each connected site? Or does each site need to have it’s own subscription? And where do the free words go? Do they stay with the site they belong to, or are they all added to the main site where they are connected to?


    • You don’t need to worry about us abusing your credit card. When you’re using less than 2000 words per month and as long as your WPML account is active (not expired or refunded), you’re not paying anything.

      You can use the same monthly quota for all your sites. The 2000 free words are for you, to use on your different sites (not 2000 one-time per site) but 2000/monthly for you. You can connect different sites to the same automatic translation account with these instructions:

      Unused quota doesn’t accumulate from month to month. This is why we’re providing very granular steps, so that the waste it tiny. For example, the next step of 5,000 words costs only $2 now.

      • I am not worried by wpml abusing the credit card on purpose. The concern is that every system that stores credit card details is a target for less friendly people. There is a reason for the existence of

        Does this 2000/monthly ‘for me’ only apply for connected sites? In other words, if I don’t connect the 5 sites from my previous example and have my clients sign up for their own website, they do get their own free 2000 words, right?


        • We don’t store credit card details. We use Stripe, which is very secure and we notify Stripe about the amount of translation that you use every month. If someone manages to hack, the most they can do is cause you to pay us (not them), in which case we’ll just refund it. There’s no way for an intruder to use your credit card (which we don’t store) to pay them.

          These 2000 words per month is per WPML account (you). If your clients want to have automatic translation separately from your 2000 words per month free quota, they will need to sign-up for their own subscriptions. In which case, they will still receive 2000 words/month free, as long as the site is registered on and your account is valid.

  2. Hello,

    i have lifetime subscription, because i bought WPML before each year update agreement only.

    Have i free translations too each month and if yes wich lang.?


  3. Great news!

    Personnally, I still prefered the old way, where after 2,000 words we could buy a one-time service (for really cheap), but I guess it’s a good compromise…

    From what I understand, though, it’s that before it was 2,000 for a new site, but now, though it’s per month, it’s for all our site (i.e. account)? So, if I have 10 sites, it’s not 2,000 each, but 2,000 for the ten together… Is that it?

    • Yes, it’s 2000 words together. However, you get them anew every month. So if you build a site now and you need to translate a few posts every month, there’s no charge.

  4. Great news.
    But I have a problem with activating this new plan. I went to the WPML -> Translation Management page and clicked the Translation Tools tab. But I can’t see any Details button in the top-right corner. So how can I activate this?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • You will see the “details” link only after you already set up the payment for automatic translation. Before you set-up payment, you’ll see the pricing table and a button to enter payment details.

      • Thanks. But how can I set-up payment? I can’t find any page where I can do this. I can’t see it either at my account.

    • Hello,
      you say you translate in French. Please note that if you are only a Translator and you don’t have Administrator privileges, you will not see the “Details” button, since it is only available for “Administrator” users. Also, you have to purchase a subscription to view the “Details” button. Else, you need to click the “Get more words” button and purchase a new subscription first. Please let me know if it helps or you can continue on our support forum.

      • Hi thank you for your reply;
        I own my blog so I am doing translations myself.
        What do you mean by purchasing a subscription please, I already bought WPML translation, do I’ve to purchase something else?

        • You don’t need to buy or pay for anything else. You can translate yourself as much as you want. This blog post is about “automatic translation”. We offer an additional service that allows to translate your content automatically (without you having to translate). Since we’re paying for it, we need to charge money to offer this additional service to our clients.