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When there’s a problem on your site, or worse, on a site that you’re building for a client, every minute counts. This is why WPML is now offering live chat support. With chat support, our average time to resolve a problem is less than an hour, while you receive the same professional support as with tickets.

Why chat support

We handle a lot of support and we’ve noticed that on many tickets, much of the time is wasted on getting the right information.

Many support tickets look like this:

A typical support ticket

The reason this is so irritating is because it takes hours to receive a reply to a simple question. Sometimes, it’s already the end of the shift for the supporter, so you need to wait until the next day or start interacting with a different supporter.

Supporters are asking “script-like” questions not because they are lazy or stubborn but because these questions actually resolve many of the problems. By simply updating the plugins, most problems go away without additional support.

These questions are not the problem. The delay between each question and reply – that’s what’s making it so irritating.

Chat support takes the pain out. You’ll be through with this round of fact-checking in a minute and the supporter can get to work on the real problem.

How chat support works

By default, when you contact WPML support, you will start a chat session. We have a team of supporters who staff the chat sessions from Asian morning until the US afternoon.

The number one priority of supporters is to resolve your problem (not to deflect or postpone it).

We manage to resolve over 2/3 of the support issues during the live chat session. Most sessions take about 30 minutes. Some questions take a bit longer (up to an hour) and some issues require longer debug.

If we need to debug a problem, the support question turns into an offline ticket. The supporter will send the issue to one of the developers, who will reproduce and debug. We do our best to solve problems quickly. Some development issues we can resolve in a couple of days and some take longer. Issues may take longer especially when they’re related to compatibility with other themes and plugins.

When a ticket goes “offline”, you will receive email updates instead of chat “pings”.

What clients are saying

Here are just a few comments from our clients after using our chat support:

Give chat support a try when you need our help

We hope that you will use WPML for years to come without needing our support. Next time you need us, you’ll have a supporter live, waiting to help you. Give them a chance and see how you can get an immediate solution to your problems.


Please tell us what you think and what’s your experience so far with WPML’s chat support. Leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.

How can we make WPML better for you?

Share your thoughts and comments about our plugin, documentation, or videos by booking a Zoom call with Agnes, our Client Advocate. Your feedback matters and helps us improve.

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49 Responses to “How to get WPML Support 150 Times Faster”

    • Hi, the chat will come on when one of our supporters is ready to reply and not busy helping a client in another chat or a ticket. If you already reported an issue and the issue was made into a ticket we will reply in an email and not chat.

    • Hi, once you report an issue and when we have availability to reply immediately the chat will start automatically, today we still have quite a few tickets waiting in line so the chat will be on and off if you see there’s no chat availability you can wait until it comes back on or report the issue and it’ll be made into a normal email ticket.

  1. Hi,

    I am not able to find Chat Button inside Dashboard. Can you please help me where is it located? I was suppose to see in the bottom-right corner as usual I see on many sites using Intercom or something.


  2. Hi,
    I hope it works better than the forum.
    Because the slow response of the forum is horrible. 🙁

    • Hi Jose, this is exactly why we have developed the chat support feature, the idea is that all the issues that can be resolved fast will be dealt with in the chat, mind you, there are still more complex technical reports that will take time since they do require setting up clone sites, advanced debugging and some custom fixes, we are working hard to reduce the time it takes us to resolve those too.

    • Hi there, at the moment we still have quite a few tickets waiting in the queue, I hope your question will be answered in a few hours.

  3. Hi

    I have problems with

    The web is in Spanish and translated in English.

    I’m starting to translate it into IT but problems came up:

    on the home page ES – UK – IT, the content disappeared !! only HEADER and FOOTER appear!

    Please I need the HOME PAGE EN ES to work again as soon as possible, it is the main website of our company …..

    Thank you


    • Hi Eyal, Shalom, make sure you are using the latest WPML 4.3.5 version and if you do and you still experience slowness please report that in our support forum – we will be happy to take a look and see what’s going on. We have basically no slowness reports since WPML 4.3.0 was released a few weeks ago, so it might be some specific setting that needs to be adjusted.

    • Hi, once you report an issue and when we have availability to reply immediately the chat will start automatically, today we still have quite a few tickets waiting in line so the chat will be on and off if you see there’s no chat availability you can wait until it comes back on or report the issue and it’ll be made into a normal email ticket.

      • Ok, i might have double reported now. I tried to submit something, but i wanted to get in touch with you via chat. But it double i didn’t converted into a chat window like expected.

        • At the moment we do have chat open and working, maybe when you have reported the supporters were busy replying to other clients. In any way if there’s already a ticket no need to report again 🙂

            • If I understood well the question, then-No. The way the chat support works is by you reporting an issue and us replying in chat mode while we have supporters ready for a chat. I hope this helps.

  4. Dear Amit, your effort to delight customers is much appreciated.
    Although your support team has managed to resolve 100% of the issues I have had during these years I agree that sometimes it took some days for the reasons you have just pointed out.
    I hope I will not need to use the chat support in the near future, but if I need it I will gladly leave my honest opinion.

    • Thanks for that Manuel! we are doing our best to help resolve each case, I am sure the new chat support will now make us faster.

  5. I still do not notice any difference in response speed, the chat is not activated and the tickets are answered slowly.

    • We have replied to over 40 chats so far today, we will have more supporters on chat very soon to be able to reply to even more chats, basically, the more clients will use the chat the less tickets we will have and the more availability for replying in chat.

  6. Chat support? Interesting! I think only to solve basic issues but still…
    Your improvements are appreciated.
    I’ll try that soon

  7. Amit,
    I think this doesn’t work very well.
    24 hours and still not responding to my ticket. 🙁

    • Hi Jose, I am sorry for that, I have seen one of your tickets was not started as chat and is waiting for indeed for too long. Lauren have just replied with a suggestion, and I hope it’ll work.

  8. HI , I want to display the mutiple curreny in the website. But how process the order in USD only. If the customer is from UAE, then place the order in AED.

  9. Hi Amit,

    Thanks for your post.

    Honestly, the support chart in WPML is not according with the sort of product your offer.

    Great product, with some failures, of course as in every company…but the time that you take to give us (at least particularly my cases) is extremely inefficient. You have a whole in your hose

    I hope the news feature is gonna fix it out.

    Thank you Amir and all your team. Keep working cause your product deserves a kind of contemporary chat support.


    • I am sorry to hear you have had some not so good experience with our support, I’d be happy to hear more in details and see how I can make sure we are not repeating mistakes. You are invited to email me directly so we can continue this conversation – Thanks!

  10. Hi,
    My website is and I have downloaded the version for wordpress and when entering the key it tells me that it is not correct. Why?

  11. Hi Amit.

    Thanks for the response.

    Well, you have the proof right here.

    I wrote 9 of December and your answer is 13 December.

    The point I told you Amit, it supposes you sell a professional plugin but the support you offer is so far to be professional.

    At least in my case I can not wait 4 o 5 days for a response cause my clients don’t understand about the time when we have an issue on the table.

    Most of these issues should be fixed by you, the seller of the product, sorry for this but personally 100% unacceptable.

    Check your mails DECEMBER 17, 2018 AT 12:05 PM was me talking to you. You took 6 days to answer!!!!! isn’t that crazy.

    Another proof I contacted you last week and I am still waiting the response.

    Definitely you client support is not according with your product, so sorry.

    I am sure you will take the positive part of my comments to improve your company while I am still waiting response and calm down my client.

    Thanks for your time.

    have good one

    • Hi Ivan, Thanks for the comment.

      I have just tripled checked and all of the confirmed issues you have reported were escalated properly and have been fixed, the latest one will be released with our next WPML version. The latest email message I have got from you was on December 25th (Xmas day) and I have replied on December 27th, that was our last correspondent, in which I have updated you that the last issue had been escalated and one of our developers is looking into it.

      We are working every day to make sure that WPML and its Support improve.


  12. On the checkout page, a notice will show what currency will be used in the transaction if it is different than the one already selected by the user. The total amount will also be displayed in the converted currency.

    How i can do this option in woocommerce webiste ?

    • Hi, if I understand the issue you are describing well then you can achieve that following this document, but this is not a very trivial feature and also depends on the gateway you are using so if you are encountering any issues, please report in our support forums.

  13. I’ve submitted a support ticket 24 hours ago and so far no reply. Checked for a chatbox on the support page several times today, but it wasn’t there. I guess you are busy. Can you provide an ETA for a reply? I don’t like waiting, but being in the blind and not being able to give my client a decent response, is even worse…

  14. Hi Amit,
    Our original website is in English, and it was already translated into Spanish successfully. Now we are trying to translate into Hebrew. We started to input the texts, same process as with Spanish… but there is no RTL, so the Hebrew appears all justified to the wrong side, with the sentences beginning with a dot. The post is defined as Hebrew, but nothing so far changed, it’s as if I am working in any other language.
    What should we do?
    Shalom and thank you

    • Hi, in order to provide you with an accurate and quick reply, please report this in our support forum and one of our supporters will take a look and guide you with that.