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We’re happy to announce a new job board, which will help connect people who need custom development with those who can implement it.

Some people need help building entire websites. Others need help implementing a part of the site. Some need help building a connector to an outside service. Some need help turning a plugin or theme to be multilingual-ready.

Whatever you need, there’s a contractor who can help you. Our job board allows posting projects and getting bids privately. Clients can share information and contractors don’t go into a race-to-the-bottom.

Clients can post jobs for all contractors, or limit contractors based on their specialization or language.

Once posted, any contractors who meet the job’s criteria will receive an automatic notification. This will give them all the details of your job, and how to apply. The more criteria you add, the better your chances of finding just the right contractor.

Using the WPML job board is free

This is a free service that WPML provides. We don’t charge clients to post new jobs. It doesn’t cost contractors anything to apply for them.

So all transactions are entirely between the client and the contractor. We’re here to help connect the best developers with people who have multilingual WordPress projects.

WPML’s job board doesn’t replace our support

When you buy WPML, you receive access to download and support. WPML support covers you for thing related to using our plugins and getting them to work on your sites. We are responsible for the correct functionality of our plugins and you don’t need to pay contractors to resolve bugs and train you to use WPML.

We recommend reaching out to contractors when you need help with work that’s clearly outside of the scope of support. Developing new sites, building custom functionality and adapting code to run with WPML are all great projects for contractors.

Who are WPML contractors?

All contractors listed on are carefully vetted to make sure they’re the best at what they do. We make sure that developers have demonstrated their abilities before being able to bid for jobs. So clients can be sure that the WPML job board is a source of qualified, capable developers. The best place to find the right people to help with multilingual projects.

Visit the new jobs board and start posting

Open a free account if you don’t have one, and you can begin listing your jobs. When posting, remember that this isn’t for support work. As a WPML client, you get that from us directly as part of your subscription. Only post jobs when you’re looking for development work, rather than support.

Feedback? Ideas? Questions?

Leave your comments here and we’ll get back to you.

9 Responses to “The All-New WPML job board is now live”

  1. Board looks great!

    Kudos for making a nice filters (min budget, type of job, languages, etc.).

    I especially like option “Give detailed consulting about a potential project.
    You should probably make a good blog post and explain to your customers what would be the optimal way of using this job board.

  2. Hi team,

    I see the board is offering building new websites and part of websites, so taking over the work of webdesigners. I learned from freelancer websites the budget of most customers is based on thin air and at a regular price you don’t get work. I think that such a board will be a hurdle for webdesigners who are perfectly able to build websites but don’t want to keep up with requirements from the board owners.

    I think that the real value of such board is not in selling websites but the overall integration of WPML, more like freelance WPML consultants, using and selling your products.

    • To apply as a contractor, you need to have a valid license for at least the last six months. When you can join, you will receive an invitation email, and you will see an invitation to join on the main page of your WPML account.

      If you are eligible, I suggest submitting your application quickly as we will stop inviting new contractors as we have received a high number of them recently.

      You can read more about applying here:

  3. Hello, I would like to know if it is still possible to register as contractor. Sometime ago we received an email talking about that, but it seems that is now not possible anymore signing up.