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Today we released WCML 4.10.0. This release includes the option to display specific currencies and payment gateways based on your customer’s IP address or billing address rather than the site language.

Changing currencies based on customer location

When WCML first introduced a multi-currency option, it made it possible for shop owners to choose which currencies to show in each language.

With this new feature, you can choose instead to display currencies based on a customer’s location. We determine this through the customer’s IP address or their billing address if they’re logged in.

New Feature

Choosing currency based on language

New! Choosing currency based on country

This new feature will be helpful for you if you would like to:

  • Enforce certain currencies for users based on their location or billing address.
  • Implement a pricing policy based on location.

For instance, you can decide to set a higher price for someone in the US (paying in USD) rather than for clients in the UK (paying in GBP). You can set it so that customers won’t see the prices in the other country’s currency, even though both customers speak English.

The way WCML handles currency conversion will remain the same with these features. You have the choice of setting manual exchange rates or using an exchange rates that automatically update.

Changing payment gateways based on customer location

Some payment gateways are only available in certain countries. Previously, you could only enable or disable certain payment options for all users. Now you have the option to specify which payment options you want your customers to see based on their IP address or billing address (if they’re logged in).

New Feature

Currently, you can only enable or disable certain payment gateways for all users

New! Choosing payment gateway per country

This feature eliminates confusion your customers may be experiencing when they’re shown a payment option but are unable to use it.

The choice is yours

These new features will not replace the current language-based logic. You will be able to choose to set up your shop based on language or location according to what makes sense for your business.

For more information on how to implement these new features, please see our WCML documentation.

Download and Update

You will receive this update automatically to all your registered sites. You can also download and install it manually from your WPML account. Check our detailed guide that explains the process of building a multilingual WooCommerce site

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11 Responses to “WCML 4.10 – Currencies and payment options based on location”

  1. Thank you very much for this plugin.
    Do you have suggestion how to test and debug from different country with my browser (for free) ?

  2. Hey thanks for the information! Do you know if it is posible to change the checkout currency depends from client location and if it is posible that the client pay with his currency? The WPML can do this?

    • Hi Marc – If you have multiple currencies set for a particular country, you customer should be able to check out in any of those currencies. The geolocation simply determines which country your customer is in. Your multi-currency settings determine which currencies are associated with that location.

    • Hi Marc – If you have the geolocation set to only allow certain currencies in the country your customer is in, they will need to choose between those currencies.

  3. Just a question, it seems the “choice of payment gateways” is limited to Stripe, Paypal and manual bank transfer. There are a huge number of gateways available and since I need an Indonesian based one, I have no options with WPML and the Multi currency gateway selection.
    On top of that, I need to set e.g. USD as the default currency since Paypal is not accepting IDR.
    Which means midtrans, xendit, asiapay, ipay88… or any others I can’t use.

    I am sure it is all pretty technical to arrange but… there is no point in doing a multicurrency if you can’t choose from a great number of gateways that are out there.
    Any news on when the list will be expanded?

    Best regards

    • Thanks for your feedback, Erwin! We don’t have any plans currently, but I’ve shared your comment with our developers to take into consideration for future versions.