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For the last several months, WPML has been offering a limited-time bonus of 10,000 free words each month. This bonus will continue for one more month, and then we will return to our regular pricing.

Since March, clients with active WPML subscriptions have been able to claim 10,000 free words to use with automatic translation each month. This limited-time offer will be ending on October 8th, after which, we will return to our regular automatic translation pricing.

Even with our regular pricing, sites that translate 2,000 words each month can use automatic translation for free! Prices for translating more than 2,000 words are affordable and charged based on your actual usage each month.

If you haven’t yet, claim your last month of 10,000 free words. While you’re at it, create an automatic translation account to start each month with 2,000 free words, even after October 8th!

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16 Responses to “Enjoy one more month of 10,000 free words for automatic translation”

  1. I don’t see this Tools option in the WPML Translation Management – I only have 4 tabs
    Translation Dashboard, Roles, Services & Jobs

    • Hi Annette – Please be sure the Advanced Translation Editor is selected as your preferred method of translating new content. You can do this by going to WPML → Settings and select “Use WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor.”

  2. Our website is registered, but there is no button to claim the words. Only that we have to register to get 2000 words for free (?). We already are registered. Please check and add the 10.000 words, thank you.

    • Hi Marc – you can claim the words by going to WPMLTranslation Management and clicking the Translation Tools tab. You should see a banner there to claim the words. If you’ve already claimed the words, the banner will let you know if you’ve already claimed them and the date and site they were claimed on.

    • Hi there – this promotion ended on October 8th. Thanks for bringing the 404 error to our attention!

  3. Hi.
    For active users, it would be nice if you reported such campaigns via email. I am very disappointed.

    • Hi Abdullah – We understand that clients need to prepare for these types of changes. For this reason, we sent a newsletter, posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and published this blog post one month before the promotion ended. Give us a follow on social media and check that our emails aren’t going to your spam folder so can catch our future announcements!