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We recently released an update for the Advanced Translation Editor. This includes several new features, including the much-requested integration with DeepL. This update also includes a price change for automatic translation using Google or DeepL.

You can now use DeepL as your preferred translation engine for automatic translation. This addition, combined with the recent addition of Google as a translation engine, greatly improves the quality of WPML’s automatic translation. As a result, pricing for automatic translation using Google or DeepL has changed.

This update also includes the ability to view translations from other sources within the Advanced Translation Editor, the ability to disable specific translation engines, and support for custom language mapping.

Why DeepL?

DeepL uses artificial intelligence to offer high-quality, natural translations. Many of our clients have asked for DeepL integration with WPML over the years, and we are happy to be able to offer it now.

New pricing for Google and DeepL translation

This information was correct at the time it was published, however it is no longer up to date. DeepL is now 2 credits per word, and we have changed our automatic translation pricing structure. For the latest about pricing, please refer to our Pricing for Automatic Translation page.

Over the last several months, WPML has added two new translation engine options to improve the automatic translation quality. First, we added Google Translate, which improved on Microsoft Azure and offered more language pairs. Now, we are expanding the options once again to include DeepL.

To reflect the expanding options and quality improvements included in Google and DeepL, we have implemented a new pricing structure.

This pricing change does not affect clients who are satisfied with Microsoft Azure and have it set as their preferred translation engine.

Pricing is now based on credits:

  • Microsoft Azure = 1 credit/word
  • Google Translate = 2 credits/word
  • DeepL = 4 credits/word

Your monthly cost will depend on how much you use automatic translation.

Monthly usageMonthly charge
0 to 2,000 creditsFREE
2,001 to 5,000 credits$2
5,001 to 15,000 credits$7
15,001 to 50,000 credits$12
50,001 to 100,000 credits$17
100,001 to 500,000 credits$72

* This pricing is for websites registered on with valid accounts. Sites that are not registered or registered on expired accounts pay an additional $2.98 per month for automatic translation.

For example, translating 5,000 words will use:

  • 5,000 credits with Microsoft Azure and cost $2
  • 10,000 credits with Google Translate and cost $7
  • 20,000 credits with DeepL and cost $15

Automatic translation is free for sites that use 2,000 credits or less each month.

How to change or disable translation engines

WPML allows you to set your preferred order of translation engines. In case your preferred engine does not support one of your language pairs, WPML will automatically use your second option as a fallback. If that one isn’t available, it will fallback to your third choice.

You can now also disable translation engines you do not wish to use. This gives you more control over your automatic translation expenses.

New accounts are assigned Google Translate as the default engine.

Choosing which translation engines to use and the preferred order

Custom Language Mapping

If you use custom languages on your site, you can now map them to existing languages. This allows you to use the spell checker and automatic translation for the language your custom language is mapped to.

Mapping a custom language to a pre-configured language

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We look forward to your feedback on these new features!

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39 Responses to “DeepL integration and new pricing for automatic translation”

  1. Hi,

    I’m absolutely looking forward to the integration of DeepL because I’m already a customer of theirs. However, this is rather a problem considering the integration in WPML.

    If I use the integration, I have to pay the same (DeepL) service two times. On the other hand, if I use DeepL for the translations without making use of the integration, which means outside the WPML framework, I miss out on the convenience.

    Is there any way to comfortably combine both accounts without paying two times for the same? I’m running the WPML Multilingual CMS for life and the DeepL Starter (5 documents per month) plans.

    Thank you!


    • Sorry, but we can’t offer to “merge” your DeepL account with WPML’s automatic translation. The account that you’re using is available to individuals. WPML can only use DeepL’s “developer” accounts, which has a different pricing. We do have some margins when our clients use DeepL translation, but it’s not huge. In order for you to use DeepL via WPML, there’s a whole lot of infrastructure that we had to build and are paying to run.

    • Hi Wolfgang – Thanks for your comment. It’s not currently possible to combine accounts. The benefit of WPML’s automatic translation is what you mentioned: the convenience of the integration. We will continue to offer and support exporting translation jobs as XLIFF files for clients who prefer to translate their site that way. Hope that answers your question. I appreciate your feedback!

  2. Hi. I have a lifetime WPML account registered. I the deepl translation feature included? Best regards, Markus

    • Hi Markus – automatic translation is an added feature for our Advanced Translation Editor. You can sign up for an automatic translation account by going to WPML → Translation Management and clicking on the Translation Tools tab. It’s free to use for sites that use 2,000 credits per month or less.

  3. Hi! Happy to hear about the integration with Deepl. Paying per word seems a bit expensive though compared to a Deepl Pro subscription. Do you plan to integrate the pricing model with Deepl Pro?

  4. Awesome that more tools are supported now. I always thought Microsoft was pretty good, better then Google. Saying Google is better, is that based on a test you did?

    Personally I think Deepl is the best one, at least for Dutch«»English. It’s a pity that it’s 4 times more expensive then MS.

    But I don’t like the monthly subscription. Nobody wants to buy something that expire by the end of the month, that’s just a waste of money. I would love to see an option where I can buy a pack of credits that will never expire, and be able to buy more when I need them. I would even do that if such pack would be a little more expensive then a subscription. But I suppose it’s a number game for you, where you earn a lot of money from expired credits.


    • Hi JP – glad to hear the DeepL integration is a useful one for you. Google has a greater number of language pairs available compared to Microsoft, but each has their own strengths in certain languages as far as translation quality goes.

      To clarify, automatic translation pricing is based on the number of words you translated over the last month. Your invoice is generated for the previous month, not the month to come. Check out our page on automatic translation pricing for more details.

      • Ok, had that been changed? I thought the subscription was pre-paid and remaining credits expire at the end of the month.

        But still, if I use 5.500 or 15.000 credits, I get charged $ 7,- right?

        • Hi JP – The pricing has been this way (charged based on the previous month’s usage) for at least the last year. And yes, 5,001 to 15,000 credits would each be $7 based on the pricing table. You can set a pricing limit to ensure you don’t go over budget, and we display the balance left until you reach your limit at the top of the Translation Tools screen clearly know how many credits you have left.

          • Then that is exactly what I mean. If I use 5.500 credit, I still pay for 15.000. Why not charge for the actual used number of credits. Or, keep the remaining 9.500 for next month? Or better, let me buy 15.000 credits and let me use all of them?

              • Meaning: that will not be done. I understand WPML wants to earn, but take in account your customers and be fair to them in terms of pricing. Also, 1 word = 4 credits seems excessive to me.

  5. Quick question, once a text has been translated by DeepL or Google Translate, do I need to repay for it to “stay” translated for each month?

    i.e. If I have a 5,000 words at 10,000 credits with Google Translate, will it cost $7 for every month untill I decide to “cancel the translation” ?


  6. Good Afternoon Mrs. Rivers:

    I just set the automatic translation services, but I have two doubts.

    On the one hand, when I look at the language mapping I discovered that Portuguese is not available for Microsoft service. Is it right?. If it is, I suppose that I have translated to Portuguese so far with the Google Service, which you say is not as good.

    On the other hand, and consequently, how can I review with DeepL using the automatic editor, all the translations done on my website with Google, Microsoft, or custom?.

    Finally, Is it any way to pay only for the words detected as a translation error by DeepL. As long as I pay for it, I want more quality on the translations, but I don´t want to pay twice for automatic translations.

    I have an account of WPML CMS, and a 2$ monthly plan already. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Constantino – Brazilian Portuguese is available in all three translation engines, but Portugal Portuguese is only available with Microsoft. The available language pairs for each translation engine are listed here. Translation quality between Microsoft and Google varies depending on the language. We recommend testing each translation engine to determine which one does best for your languages.

      You can change your preferred translation engine by following the steps in our article about changing or disabling translation engines. The new translation engine order will apply for any new content. Content that has already been saved by the translation memory will fill the saved translation.

      The pricing for automatic translation is outlined on this page.

      Hopefully that answers all your questions!

  7. Thanks for this much waited update.

    Now I have two comments :
    – DeepL seem quite expensive as said by multiple users, which will probably/sadly limit our use of it.

    – In this direction, and while I maybe missed a setting to achieve this, I would appreciate to be able to chose the translation engine directly on the translation page. This is especially needed to make the best use of them depending on the content quality desired by content type. In fact this will give us best control of what we want/need, and thus use DeepL accordingly.


  8. Question about pricing and the translation memory
    If one block of tect is being reused several times, and is included in the translation memory,
    does one have to pay credits for them again?
    That somehow happens sometimes with image tags that are included in several pages different ways.

    • Hi Agnes – You do not need to pay for translations that are populated from translation memory. I’m not clear on your comment about image tags. By default, HTML markup and shortcodes are hidden in the Advanced Translation Editor and are not translated, so you should not be charged for them. Also, for translation memory to work, your phrase needs to be exactly the same as the saved one. It can’t fill in the translation for a phrase that appears in different wording.

    • Hello Jan,
      our integration with DeepL can handle German:

      There isn’t anything specific to set it to use informal German but you can edit the translations so if you discover anything that worth improving, you can make any updates.

  9. I have activated DeeplPro and ATE and could translate some posts but dont find way to translate WPML strings with Deepl. Is that a limitation?

    • Hi Agnes – You can translate strings with ATE by going to WPMLString Translation, selecting the strings you would like to translate, and adding them to your Translation Basket.

      Sending strings for translation

      From there, the process is the same as translating posts. If you’re translating a lot of strings, you can also translate them automatically in bulk.

  10. I just did some quick math.
    My example article is 2,517 words long and has 15,259 characters.
    So its word/character ratio is circa 1/6.
    Your “max” option is 500,000 credits for $72.
    With DeepL it means 125,000 words for $72.
    With 1/6 ratio it means 725,000 characters for $72.

    In the meantime DeepL API offers… 1,000,000 characters for €20 (pay as you go).
    €20 is about $24 which means that DeepL offer is three times cheaper than with WPML.

    I don’t mind you earning your money, at all, really. All that clever programming, infrastructure etc. But in this case your pricing is simply silly and makes me rethink all my website translation process and search for other solutions.

    Not offering an option to implement user’s own DeepL API code inside his WordPress/WPML installation is just shooting yourself in the foot. It’s very disappointing too.

    • Thank you for your feedback, Michael! Integrating DeepL with WPML (and the additional features that go along with our automatic translation features like translation memory, customizable glossary, etc.) was a more complicated process and costs more to maintain than the other translation options, hence the pricing differences. For clients that would like to translate directly with DeepL, we still maintain the feature to export translation jobs as XLIFF files, however it’s much less convenient.

    • Hi Michael,

      I am unhappy here as well. It is a 4x higher charge of WPML.
      However, you can make it more convenient with Deepl:

      I have the starter account for 5.99/months. You can download a Deepl App on your desktop. Once activated, it opens a window whenever you copy (e.g. an English text) and gives back the translation in that window (nicely convenient). I then just copy and paste the translation into the classic WPML editor when translating pages and posts – in fact, it is even much faster than using the advanced translator as you can do it right on the page.

      Best wishes,

  11. Hello everyone,

    It is great to have Deepl integrated in advanced translator of WPML.
    But can you please explain why you charge 4 times as much as Deepl is charging a private customer? Personally, I am finding this absolutely unacceptable and Translatepress allows a direct connection to the Deepl API and thereby a fair pricing. In fact, 1 credit per word would match the current pricing model of Deepl. And this is a calculation based on $72 for 500,000 credits, i.e. the best offer you currently have. It gets worse the less monthly payment you charge.

    It terms of competitive thinking, it would be great to rethink you pricing strategy.

    I will at least keep translating via the classic editor and using Deepl’s excellent desktop app to do the job at a significantly lower price until WPML changes to a fair pricing policy.


    • Thank you for your comment, Stefan. WPML’s automatic translation also includes integration with features such as translation memory and a customizable glossary. DeepL is more complicated and expensive for us to run, hence the price difference between DeepL and the other translation engine offerings. That said, we are currently in the process of reviewing our pricing based on the feedback we have received. Please stay tuned for an update in the coming weeks.