One of the most exciting new features in WordPress 3.0 is the core support for multisite. We’re not using MultiSite for real, so we’re asking your opinion before we get started.

  1. Are you using WordPress MU right now? If so, what for?
  2. Already tried the MultiSite feature in WP3.0? Is it working for you?
  3. To run truly multilingual, what would you need WPML to do on multi-site installs? (a detailed flow would be great)


Our schedule for WordPress 3.0 support goes like this:

  • This week, add support for custom post types.
  • Until the end of May, add support for multilingual menus.
  • Then, we’d like to go after MultiSite support.

Speak out and get involved in the design. This time, we need more than testing. We want you to help build the right features for multi-site support.