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Next week, we’re updating our WPML pricing from USD ($) to Euro (€) for all new accounts and pay-as-you-go automatic translation subscriptions. As an existing client with an active account, this change has no impact on you and your USD pricing.

We want to assure you right from the start: if you’re an existing client with an active account, your renewals will remain the same in USD. The same goes for your active pay-as-you-go subscriptions. This is a change that’s designed to have zero impact on you.

Why the shift to Euro? As we continue to grow, a large proportion of our clients and our team are based in Europe. Transitioning to Euro pricing for new accounts will streamline our payment process, help stabilize costs, and minimize the effects of currency fluctuations.

We understand that a change like this can bring questions, so we’re dedicating this post to ensuring you’re fully informed about what this currency switch means for you. 

What this Currency Switch Means for Your Existing WPML Account

If you have a valid and active WPML account, this currency change does not affect you.

Based in Europe and Prefer to Pay in Euro?

Update: You can now switch your WPML renewals to Euro

If you’re an existing WPML user with an active account, you can change your WPML renewals to Euro from your WPML Account page. This is completely optional. If you choose to switch, only the currency changes – the amount stays the same. If you want to continue renewing WPML as usual in USD, you don’t have to do anything.

Learn how to switch your WPML renewals from USD to Euro.

Once we implement the currency change, you can switch your WPML subscription from USD to Euro.

This will not affect your account. Only your type of subscription and the billing agreement will change to adopt the new Euro pricing for renewals.

If you set up the new subscription before your current one expires, your account will be billed in Euro at the time of your next scheduled renewal.

New WPML Accounts

If you purchase WPML after we transition from USD to Euro:

The numerical values will remain the same; only the currency is changing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my payment method and keep paying in USD?

Absolutely. Changing your payment method will not affect the currency of your WPML account renewal. If you change the payment method, your yearly renewal payment will still be processed in USD.

What currency will be used if I upgrade my WPML account?

If you upgrade your WPML account type, the difference between the account types will be billed in Euro. All your future yearly renewals will also be in Euro.

I have an existing WPML subscription but haven’t signed up for pay-as-you-go yet. If I sign up in the future, what currency will I be billed in?

If you decide to activate pay-as-you-go after our switch from USD to Euro, your pay-as-you-go subscription will be billed in Euro, while your WPML subscription will continue to be billed in USD.

If I stop my pay-as-you-go subscription and restart it after the switch to Euro, in what currency will I be billed?

If you restart your pay-as-you-go subscription after the switch to Euro, your future pay-as-you-go payments will be processed in Euro.

I have an existing WPML subscription and may want to purchase a package of prepaid credits after the shift from USD to EUR. What currency will I need to pay in for the prepaid credits?

If you decide to purchase a package of prepaid credits after our transition from USD to Euro, you will need to pay for the package in Euro. However, your existing WPML subscription will continue to be billed in USD.

If my automatic payment in USD fails and I renew manually, what currency will the manual renewal be in?

Your WPML renewal payment will be in USD. All future renewals will also be processed in USD, provided we are able to process the payment.

I switched from automatic renewals to manual renewals. Can I return to automatic renewals and still pay in USD?

Yes, if you re-enable automatic renewals after making manual payments, the renewals will continue to be processed in USD.

I purchased WPML in USD, then canceled it. I’ve now renewed with automatic payments. What currency will my renewals be processed in?

After re-enabling your WPML subscription and setting up automatic payments again, your yearly renewals will be processed in Euro.  

My WPML subscription was deactivated after the billing grace period expired. What now?

If you decide to purchase a new WPML subscription, you can buy it at its current price in Euro.

I’ve received a refund. Can I repurchase WPML in USD?

After receiving a refund, it’s not possible to purchase a new WPML subscription in USD. All new subscriptions will be in Euro.

Need More Information?

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