تخطي الملاحة

You should not bundle WPML with any theme, free or commercial. WPML comes with GPL license, but is also trademarked. In practice, removing all the trademarked material from WPML would be a huge project and is really not recommended.

Do you offer solutions for theme authors aiming to provide a multilingual package to their clients?

We understand that as a theme author, you may want to provide a complete package for multilingual sites for your clients. Here’s our solution:

First, make sure that your theme is fully compatible with WPML. Our compatibility team will be glad to help.

When your theme works great with WPML, tell our compatibility team that you want to proceed and include a WPML-installer box in your theme. This tiny piece of code allows your clients to buy and auto-install WPML.

The WPML Installer box in your theme includes the following:

  1. Announce compatibility with WPML, which potential clients can validate on wpml.org.
  2. Allow to buy WPML directly from your theme, with your affiliate information. Every purchase credits your account.
  3. Auto-install WPML after clients buy it.
  4. Link to a dedicated support tag, offering expert help related to WPML and your theme.

This way, your clients receive a complete package for multilingual sites with your theme and WPML. You focus on building great themes and we focus on developing and supporting WPML. When we get new sales, you share the success.

And, most important, clients receive the best service, leading to fully working multilingual websites, without problems and no worries.

Are there any incentives for WPML-compatible themes?

To show our support to WPML-compatible themes, we offer discounts to clients who are coming from within your theme. You will also receive affiliate commission for each such order.

How do I integrate the WPML Installer into my theme?

After you receive the current WPML Installer code from our theme compatibility, please follow the integration instruction for WPML installer.

Need help? Just let us know. Contact our compatibility team or use our technical support forum.