String Translation allows you to translate texts that do not belong to any post. You will be able to translate the site's tagline, widget titles, texts in the theme admin, plugins and anything that uses GetText for localization. Related documentation:

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Ciertos elementos del carrito y checkout no se traducen.

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folder not writable – but it is

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Bruno Kos

I need to translate my themes strings automatically. How can i do that ?

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string translations at checkout page

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Bruno Kos

Traduction plugin Adults Only AVS for WP

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Translation not working

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Raja Mohammed

No puedo duplicar contenido en "Customize"

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Enabling the option: Assume that the original language of all strings is English

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String translation not working after plugin update

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Web to print online designer plugin strings doesnot appear as translated

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main language string

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Login / Register Translation

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icl_strings is so huge

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Dražen Duvnjak

There is a problem with the String Translation table in your site.

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Fields not translating

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